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Things We Love: WildSmiles + Healthy Treats

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Recently I saw a report* that said the average cost to raise a child today from birth until 18 is just over $245,000 (that does not include college). Yikes — it’s a good thing we don’t have to pay up front! Right now we’re looking at braces for our oldest son so we’re adding to that figure. I was so hopeful Jorryn would inherit his dad’s naturally straight teeth. Instead he seems to have gotten a mouth full of crooked teeth like I had before my braces.

It’s recommended that an orthodontist is first seen when a child is around the age of seven. Their first permanent molars and incisors have usually grown in by then so an orthodontist can do an early evaluation to determine if it looks like intervention will be needed. That gives Mom and Dad an opportunity to plan for — save for — future treatment.

WildSmiles Braces

Once you know it’s a go, you get to decide on what kind of braces you want your child to wear. One option is WildSmiles Braces. Ever heard of them? WildSmiles offers a fun alternative to conventional braces. Their tag line says it all: Turn correction into expression! They come in cool shapes including stars, hearts, sports balls, flowers and diamonds. So — kids can help design their own smiles. A study from the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics says WildSmiles has an appliance acceptability of 70% with the nine to eleven-year-olds, which is 25% higher than the other appliance options. Self-expression is a big deal at that age and having your young off-spring on board with the whole process sounds good to me!

What are Wild Smiles

It gets better: you can order them online! WildSmiles is the first and only braces brand that you can order online. They exceed the highest standards for strength, quality, aesthetics and comfort for braces. To order, go to the WildSmiles site and fill out a form. They will then work directly with your doctor.

Design Your Own WildSMiles

A happy kid with WildSmiles?  Makes me grin!

Healthy Kids Party Food Ideas

Another thing that generates smiles all around is a yummy treat that’s not highly sugared. Kids, moms…and maybe even dentists…will like this “sundae”. Scoops of banana, topped with melted peanut butter and a few dark chocolate chips—sure tastes good!

Banana Dessert Idea

Banana and Peanut Butter Sundae

P.S. Brush your teeth after eating!

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