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The Two Minute Burrito Bowl

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This tasty recipe idea is from me to you, thanks to Minute® Ready to Serve Rice.

This week, Sam’s been in gymnastics camp, Mike is back at work after a week’s vacation and I’m trying to tackle a massive to-do list. I can’t believe that there are essentially two weeks left before Sam heads into grade one. I haven’t done half the things I had planned for the summer! I had the opportunity to make a two minute burrito bowl using Minute® Ready to Serve Rice while working on this sponsored post — and it turned out to be the best lunch I’ve had all week. Read on to get the recipe for yourself!

Easy Two Minute Burrito Bowl

With back-to-school season fully upon us, I’ve already jumped into a much busier schedule. After being away from home so much and having company when we were home, I have a lot of catching up to do. With our dog Cassie curled up at my feet, this week I’ve been hunkered down in my home office (aka the couch), trying to get ready for a full season of blogging this fall. I’ve barely been outside and I have to admit I haven’t really been eating well — way too many lunches have been tea and toast!

Ready to Serve Minute Rice

Yesterday, I knew I had to break this habit and start focusing again on easy meals that are quick, healthy and tasty. I tried the newest option from Minute® Ready to Serve Rice — the Black Beans and Rice flavor. What made it perfect for me is that it’s already fully cooked so all you have to do is pull off the film top and microwave it. This allowed me to make a burrito bowl that took me all of two minutes — and tasted better than any lunch I’ve had all summer.

Minute Rice Ready to Serve Bowls

Beans and Rice Burrito Bowl

Homemade Guac Recipe for Burrito Bowl

How to Make a Burrito Bowl

What I did was follow the directions for heating the rice and black beans for 90 seconds. While that was heating, I made guacamole. I mashed one ripe avocado and added one teaspoon of lime juice and one clove of minced garlic. By that time the rice and beans were ready so I topped it with my guacamole, a little salsa and cheese. It was so good that I used my finger to “lick” the bowl clean! I may just have the exact same lunch tomorrow!

Easy Burrito Bowl

One of the things I most appreciate about rice is how agreeable it is for all sorts of culinary pairings. There are several varieties of the Minute® Ready to Serve Rice and most of them only take 60 seconds to heat. You could add berries and yogurt to the Multi-Grain Medley (brown rice, quinoa, barley, oats, wheat and rye) for a quick and healthy breakfast option. Chicken chunks—even canned chicken—and a veggie added to the Minute® Ready to Serve White Rice would be a great idea for dinner. Mike does shift work so he doesn’t usually have a hot meal while he’s at work. He could take these portable Minute® Ready to Serve Rice cups and heat them in the break room microwave because you can eat them right in the single-serve cups. Just think of all the time saved, packing lunches!

Minute Rice Ready to Serve

Two Minute Burrito Bowl Recipe

If you want to save time and still eat a delicious hot meal, check out Minute® Ready to Serve Rice to learn more about their flavorful varieties.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Minute® Ready to Serve Rice.

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