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Thanksgiving Food Ideas: Unique Ways to Use Sweet Potato

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When I’m thinking of food ideas for your Thanksgiving menu, sweet potato often comes to mind first. While mashed and baked sweet potatoes are delicious, I wanted to feature some unique recipe options that might not be on the radar. The seven recipes featured include a roasted sweet potato salad, Duchess sweet potatoes (they are gorgeous), chai spiced mashed sweet potatoes, sweet potato bread and sweet potato beer biscuits. I’ve also included two sweet potato breakfast recipe options if you’re having overnight guests: sweet potato pancakes and sweet potato corned beef breakfast hash.

Thanksgiving Food Ideas - 7 Unique Sweet Potato Recipes

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1. Duchess Sweet Potatoes from A Family Feast: These are on my menu this year! When a meal or party calls for something extra special, duchess sweet potatoes fit the bill. They are “an elegantly displayed, rich and delicious mashed potato dish.  Once they are formed, they are baked to create a light and crispy outside, and a soft and creamy inside.”

2. Grilled Sweet Potato Salad with Sweet and Sour Bacon Dressing from A Family Feast: This sweet potato salad is a delicious alternative to a baked sweet potato!

3. Chai Spiced Mashed Sweet Potato Recipe from So There: When you think about adding chai to sweet potatoes, doesn’t it just make sense? This tastes so much like dessert, you’ll have to remind yourself it it’s a side dish (or meal).

4. Sweet Potato Bread from The Juggling Act Mama: The bread is moist and delicious, and especially good chilled.

5. Sweet Potato Beer Biscuit Recipe from So There: Sweet potato beer biscuits with a honey sage butter. If that doesn’t impress the in-laws, nothing will.

Having company for Thanksgiving Weekend? Here are some sweet potato breakfast ideas:

6. Sweet Potato Pancakes Recipe from The Juggling Act Mama: Perfect for Thanksgiving weekend celebrations! I make these all the time. Sam is a very picky eater and at least he’s getting sweet potatoes, which he will never eat on his own.

7. Corned Beef Breakfast Hash from A Family Feast: This recipe is a new and improved version of a corned beef breakfast hash with combination of tender corned beef, and mashed white and sweet potatoes and topped with an egg.

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What’s your favorite recipe for sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving?

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