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Lost in Oz Inspired: Tornado Sugar Cookies

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Spiral Sugar Cookies and  the new Amazon Original Kids Series Lost In Oz.

This post is in partnership with Amazon Kids.

If you’re looking for a new series for the kids to enjoy before the summertime fun comes to an end, I suggest munching on Tornado Cookies and getting Lost in Oz!

Lost in Oz

The new Amazon Original Kids Series Lost in Oz is now available on Prime Video. The magical adventure, based on the beloved Oz books from L. Frank Baum, features all kinds of excitement as Dorothy and Toto find themselves lost in the amazing—and peculiar—land of Oz. My Tornado Cookies were inspired by  the new original series, which is a modern adaptation of the classic story.

Tornado Sugar Cookies

I wasn’t sure if Sam would get into the exploits of the female Oz heroine, but the story line is written to appeal to boys and girls and he was engaged right from the outset.

For one thing, there is non-stop action and the gorgeous colors are mesmerizing. My cookies coordinate with the series!

Easy Swirl Cookies

The tale begins as 12-year-old Dorothy unearths her mom’s magical travel journal hidden beneath the floorboards of their Kansas home., The book triggers a tornado that transports Dorothy and her dog Toto far, far away. Check out the trailer below!

There’s excitement when DIY Dorothy encounters incredible barriers and unexpected enemies but she’s a can-do sort of girl who never lets a problem get the best of her (great attitude!). She engineers fantastic machines to help acquire every element on the Oz “periodic table of magic” because possessing those goods is what will get her home.

Lost in Oz Characters

Parents will appreciate the educational S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) focus on problem solving, but kids will just think they’re having fun.

The animated series is geared toward kids between the ages of six and eleven, yet the whole family can enjoy the colorful journey through the fanciful Emerald City. There’s a rainbow of eye candy and plenty of action to capture the imagination!

Lost in Oz Season 1

Lost in Oz is available for streaming exclusively for Prime members via the Amazon Prime Video app for TVs, connected devices, including Fire TV and mobile devices, and online. For no additional membership cost, Prime members can also download the series to mobile devices for offline viewing.

Not familiar with Amazon Video? We think it is super! It’s a premium, on-demand entertainment service that offers families great choices in what to watch and how to watch it. You can check out the Amazon Original Kids Series at .

My Lost in Oz Tornado Cookies are available in household kitchens everywhere… except my own. Sam and Mike really liked ‘em! Well…so did I.

Lost in Oz TV Show
I admit making the layers for swirls takes a little longer than tablespoon drop cookies but it’s not hard to do and it’s so worth it to make a home movie even more of an event.

How to Make Swirl Sugar Cookies

First you cream the butter, sugar, egg, and vanilla. Then you add the other dry ingredients, just like in typical cookie batter.

Sugar Cookie Recipe

Divide the dough in half and add purple gel food coloring so you’ll get a nice color contrast.

Easy Swirl Sugar Cookies

Stacking the dough and making a roll with both colors is what gives you that interesting swirl. The colored sugar makes the magic happen.

Rolled Sugar Cookies Recipe
Sometimes even unbaked cookies disappear at our house.
Swirl Cookies Recipe 
These cookies are not just pretty—they are delicious and oh-so-worth the wait. Tornado Cookies and Oz? Sounds like the plot line for a great afternoon enjoying Amazon Kids!
Baked Sugar Swirl Cookies

Baked Sugar Swirl Cookies


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  • Yield: 16-22 cookies


(also known as Spiral Sugar Cookies!)


  • 1 cup butter
  • ½ cup sugar
  • ½ cup powdered sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 ½ teaspoons vanilla
  • 2 cups flour
  • ½ teaspoon baking soda
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • purple gel food coloring
  • 2 tablespoons each of purple, blue, and green sparkling sugar


1.       In a large bowl, cream together butter, sugar, egg, and vanilla.

2.       Once mixture is nice and creamy, add flour, salt, baking soda.

3.       When dough comes together, divide into two equal pieces.

4.       Remove one section from bowl and set on a large sheet of parchment paper.

5.       Add purple gel food coloring to dough left in the bowl and mix until the dough is completely colored purple.  (I added approximately ½ teaspoon—always start with less and add more.)

6.       Transfer purple dough to its own large piece of parchment paper.

7.       Flour each piece of dough; roll out each one to be the same size and thickness (about a ¼ inch thick).

8.       Lift purple dough up with the parchment paper and set on top of the plain dough; refrigerate for 10-15 minutes.

9.       On a separate baking pan, pour 2 tablespoons of each colored sparkling sugar and mix together.

10.   Remove dough from refrigerator.  Flip purple dough on top of plain dough and gently peel away parchment paper.  Trim edge of the dough, making a rectangle.

11.   When dough is pliable, use the bottom layer of parchment paper to start rolling dough into a log.  If the bottom layer starts to tear, just pinch it back together.

12.   Once the log has been rolled tightly, transfer the log to the pan of sprinkles and gently roll the log around the sprinkles until it is completely coated.

13.   Put log back into the refrigerator for another two hours.

14.   Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

15.   Remove cookie log from fridge and slice.

16.   Place 12 cookies at a time onto a baking sheet. Bake for 10 minutes. Remove from oven and let cool.


*Note: I found if the dough wasn’t really cold, it began to unfurl slightly when it baked.  The dough that went into the oven the coldest produced best results.

Also, I took the leftover dough I had trimmed off the edges and rolled it into a little log. Although they weren’t spirals, I was able to get another 6 cookies—and no one complained!


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