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Star Wars Pretzel Light Sabers

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Are your kids totally pumped for the new Star Wars installment? These pretzel light sabers are a fun snack kids can help make and would be perfect for a Star Wars-themed birthday party!

Pretzel Light Sabers

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These cute party snacks come together really quickly and make such a statement. They’re fun on their own or would make a great topper for a Star Wars cupcake.

Beyond being super cute, they’re that perfect combination of salty and sweet that just gets me every time.

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If you’re a real party mama like me, you probably have all of these ingredients hoarded in your baking cupboard

  • Candy melts – white and two light saber colours (red, blue, green)
  • M&M minis in matching light saber colours
  • Silver candy spray
  • Large pretzel sticks

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How to Make Pretzel Light Sabers

This is such an easy party snack that my 4 year old helped me make them from start to finish!

1. First, melt your white candy melts. Some brands are good for melting smooth on their own, and some you have to add a teaspoon of shortening to in order to get a smooth texture. (Our microwave takes 30 seconds to zap a mug full of candy melts.)

2. Stir the melts thoroughly to remove clumps, and then dip one side of the pretzels. You want to dip the “handle” (about 1/4 of the pretzel) in white candy coating. Let dry.

3. Using your silver spray, cover the white candy coating with an even coat.

4. Once the silver coating is dry, zap the coloured candy melts and dip the remaining 3/4 of the pretzel sticks. Use a candy stick or chopstick to add a dab of the candy melts to the handle and attach the M&M minis.

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And, you’re done! 

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