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St. Patrick’s Day Kid’s Breakfast: Shamrock Eggs in a Hole

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We love parties at our house and regularly celebrate even when it’s not for a birthday or any of the major holidays. Whether you’re Irish or not (but isn’t everyone on March 17th?!) St. Patrick’s Day is another occasion to have some fun! Sam turns up his nose at corned beef and cabbage but I do have a lucky theme breakfast idea that I know he’ll like. He enjoys both toast and eggs so I’ve come up with this surprise to start his St. Paddy’s Day. Want to try it?

Kid's Party Food St. Patrick's Day Green Eggs & Toast

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Ingredients for One Shamrock Egg:

  • one egg
  • one piece of bread
  • about 1 tablespoon of butter
  • small amount of blue food coloring; I used Wilton’s Royal Blue
  • shamrock shaped cookie cutter; mine is about 3” across
  • frying pan

How to Make Shamrock Eggs & Toast for St. Patrick’s Day

1. Break an egg in a bowl and whisk it. Add just a small dab of blue food coloring because the Wilton’s color is highly concentrated. The yellow of the egg yolk and the small amount of blue food coloring makes a great shamrock green color.

kids party food ideas for st partricks day

2. Cut out the middle of the piece of bread, but keep it for toasting (I put mine in the toaster oven to brown but you could do it in the frying pan, too). Butter both sides of the bread, like you would for a toasted cheese sandwich.

3. Make sure there is a little butter on the pan in the middle of the bread and spoon in just enough egg to cover the pan. If you overfill the hole it won’t retain the shamrock shape.

kid's party food ideas for st. patrick's day

4. Using medium heat, I let it fry for a couple of minutes on the first side, until the egg was set and then flipped it over for another couple of minutes. Just keep an eye on it so it doesn’t burn!

5. Slide it onto a plate. Add some fresh fruit and serve it with a grin: Irish eyes are smilin’…Top o’ the mornin’ to ya!

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What will you be doing this St. Patrick’s Day?

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Stephanie Keeping

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