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Southwest Style Dinner Menu

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It’s cold and nasty outside and I am so ready to take off for someplace south where it’s warm and sunny. Every year at this time I start to crave the color green and l unashamedly loiter in the fresh flower department whenever I go to the grocery. When Pinnacle Foods Group LLC asked me to create a dish with the Birds Eye®  Protein Blends, honing in on the Southwest Style was a given. South and West are current favorite spots in my imagination!

Southwest Style Dinner Ideas

Grilled chicken is a frequent flyer at our house. Hmm. Unfortunate word choice. We often eat grilled chicken at our house. So, I’m always up for new ways to serve it to vary the taste.

Bird's Eye Protein Blends

I picked up the Birds Eye® Southwest Style Protein Blends and the Asian Style Protein Blends (you can find them in the freezer section at Walmart), thinking they both would be great as side dishes with chicken or beef. And they are. In the Southwest Style there are whole grains, black beans, corn, lentils, and red bell peppers in a zesty sauce that add a lot of zing to grilled chicken. It’s a great way to add veggies. I topped my dish with fresh, chopped cilantro and it was a delicious combo!

Southwest Style Protein Dinner

It’s easy to fix, too, always a boon on busy nights. You can steam the vegetables right in the bag they come in. One less pan to wash? Yes, please.

Grilled Chicken

There’s a $.50 off Birds Eye® Protein Blends offer right now so it’s a good time to stock the freezer. We love the taste of fresh vegetables but they don’t always get eaten before they wilt. I think fresh frozen vegetables are a great alternative. No need to guiltily slip limp produce in the trash!  I don’t usually do menu plans for weeks ahead. Do you? It’s a good idea—I just never seem to get there. Always having something in the freezer means I always have options on hand to fix. Like with the Asian Style, I’m thinking one night I’ll pair the edamame, carrots and red peppers with beef tips.

Southwest Style Chicken Dinner

Healthy Dinner Ideas

There are four Birds Eye® Protein Blends flavors. Here they are so you menu planners can think how to plug them into your schedule. The rest of you that run to the freezer an hour before meal time like I often do might want to know, too 😉 : California Style, Italian Style, Asian Style, Southwest Style. Birds Eye® Protein blends… so Veggie Good! TM

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pinnacle Foods Group LLC. The opinions and texts are all mine.

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