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School Lunch Ideas: Sandwich on a Stick

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This yummy idea is my own and is brought to you by Sara Lee. Enjoy!

Do you write notes to stick in your kid’s lunch box? Sam and I have been practicing reading and writing to broaden his literacy skills all summer and it’s something I want to try for Grade 1. I’m planning on designing some of my own but I’ve also been searching for options that I can easily download online when life gets crazy busy.  Sara Lee® Bread has some really adorable ones with their Lovable Lunch Notes campaign. There are 30 in total, that are customizable notes and you can print them for free.

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I appreciate that Sara Lee® Bread is also making it easy to pack lunches: they have 18 varieties of sandwich bread! There is no high fructose corn syrup, artificial color or flavoring in Sara Lee® Bread so you can feel good about serving it to your family. It’s the nice, soft kind of bread—the kind I always liked when I was a kid. Sam is a VERY picky eater. Some weeks, the only sandwich he is willing to take to school is a butter sandwich, LOL. I think he’d eat it every day if I let him. I won’t! I have been dedicating myself to expanding his palate. If you also need a few new sandwich combo ideas, you can find ideas on Sara Lee® Bread recipes.

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Besides trying out new sandwich combos, I am also going to change up how the sandwiches are presented to try and get him to try new foods and textures. He’s really into things that are on a stick, so I will be creating a few sandwiches on a stick to try, and of course I’ll get some veggies in the lunch time mix.


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I’m excited to see how Sam reacts when he finds messages in his lunch. It certainly won’t be an everyday thing but I hope that when he does find them he will see it as something special. I want him to know that I am in his corner, especially on those days that might be tough or when he’s anxious about learning new subjects. I might also need to hide an extra “treat” under the main item, too—a favorite cookie or occasionally a small candy. Man cannot live on bread alone, you know!

Sandwich on a Stick

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Connect with Sara Lee® Bread on Facebook for more great ideas. Find more information on Sara Lee® Bread plus be sure to download your free printable “love notes” and snag a coupon, too. What a deal!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sara Lee® Bread.

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