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Red, White and Blue Memorial Day Memories

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Red, white, and blue mocktails kick off summer fun!

Red, White and Blue Memorial Day Memories

I’m not big on most traditions. Just because I’ve done something a certain way in the past doesn’t mean I want to do it over. Groundhog Day anyone? But new, fresh, exciting? Yup. Like that better. Yet there are some things that are just so good, you want to share them again. So, I want to thank you Popsicle®, for sponsoring this post and helping our family kick off summer with the best kind of nostalgia.

Pineapple Stars for Memorial Day Mocktail

Even though summer doesn’t officially begin for a few more weeks, Memorial Day marks the start of the season at our house. Sunscreen and bug spray are part of our landscape now.

Vacation arrangements are underway, summer bucket lists are being planned and company is coming for the long weekend. We’re just as excited as our kids about getting together with friends!

Easy Mocktail Ideas

Great food is always part of good times. I’ve been making out the menu and planning activities to keep the kids busy. Everything is low-key but I know having a few entertaining ideas ready will help. Busy kids are usually happy kids.

Simply Popsicle

And I’ll be offering fun in a box. That’s how I think of Popsicle. It seems like they have been part of my life forever. When I read the Original Summertime Treat has been around since 1905, I realized that iconic yellow box has been part of my forever!

Simply Popsicle

Just in time for the summer season, Popsicle® is introducing a new product: Simply Popsicle® ice pops. I love it!

The bright, bold colors are still there. The refreshing flavors are still there. But this version’s colors and flavors are from natural sources, made with real cane sugar and no high fructose corn syrup. And each pop is only 40 calories.

Popsicle Summer Ideas

My boys go crazy when they have dyes so you can imagine how happy this makes me. We get to include Popsicle in our fun family and friend weekend and my boys will continue to act like little gentlemen. Well…within reason…you know.

There are four new simply refreshing flavor packs: Orange, Cherry, Grape; Strawberry, Raspberry; Strawberry-Banana Mango; Berry Pineapple. Of course there are over 20 additional original and unique flavors, too.

Red, White and Blue Mocktail

This calls for a toast, don’t you think? A family-friendly, red, white, and blue mocktail is a great way to celebrate friends and kick off summer fun!

Red, White and Blue Mocktail


Red, White and Blue Mocktail Recipe

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  • Single serve blue drink mix packets
  • Simply Orange, Cherry, Grape (We used Cherry Popsicles)
  • sparkling water
  • pineapple (or other fresh fruit)


  1. In the bottom of a glass, pour in the drink mix.
  2. Add a Popsicle and pour sparkling water over the top.
  3. Top with fresh fruit.


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