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Police Birthday Party Food Ideas: Cop Corn and Heist Cakes

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We threw a police themed birthday party for my son, Sam’s, 4th birthday this year. One of my favorite ideas turned out to be a great kids’ party food that we served while guests were gathering. Using small, plain paper bags in black and dark blue, I glued on labels from our printable police party supplies. The police-themed bag was filled with “Cop Corn” (popcorn). The robber-themed bag was filled with “Heist Cakes” (rice cakes). They looked great on the dessert table and everyone seemed to love snacking on them before the party food was served.

Police Birthday Party Food Ideas - Cop Corn and Heist Cakes

I love Andrew‘s new Cops and Robbers printable collection because of the flexibility it offers with having different color palettes with the items for the policemen and the items for the thieves.

Want to recreate the look? Here are the party supplies you need:

    • Police birthday party “cop and robber” printable labels
    • Paper treat bags like these in black, blue or orange,
    • Sweet and Salty Popcorn or make your own flavored popcorn

Police Birthday Party Food Ideas

For the Cop Corn bags, I filled them with a sweet and salty pre-made popcorn. Yes, I could have made my own but time was limited in preparing for the party. There were no complaints. LOL

Police Birthday Party Ideas

The Heist Cakes were mini rice cakes. I served BBQ flavor so that they matched the labels. 🙂

Sam’s Cops and Robbers party was a lot of fun! I was able to incorporate many good guy vs bad guy ideas even on the dessert table and Sam thought it was awesome. I was pleased with how versatile this collection is; there were several ways I could have used the pieces. That’s one of the ways I know we’ve put together a really great product.

Stay tuned for more specifics on the party activities, menu and decoration how-to!

Even More Police Birthday Party Ideas

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