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Pie Pop Recipe Ideas

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I love pie. I love cake pops. And now I love pie pops. For me the best part of the pie is the crust, so these little pie pops are just about perfect. You get just a tiny dollop of filling (I prefer strawberry-rhubarb filling the best, but cherry pie filling is the easiest to make as you just put in one cherry per pop) and a whole lot of crust. Plus they are relatively easy to make. Certainly easier than any cake pop, which I find impossible. Just think: a combination of cookie AND pie!


How to make pie pops:

All you do is roll your crust out, use circle cookie cutters to cut the pieces and put a TINY spoonful of filling in the middle of each. Then lay your lollipop stick in and cover with another circle. If you’re doing a cutout, do it before you lay the top over. 🙂 Then press together and do an egg white wash. Easy peasy.

Here’s the items you’ll need:

1. Lollipop sticks (this is the link for 100 6 inch but you can also click through for other sizes and quantities)

2. Circle Cookie Cutters (I LOVE this crinkle cookie cutter set)

3. Mini Heart Cookie (this 12 piece set is downright adorable)

If you’re looking for “how to” resources, check out these posts:

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