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Perfect Easy & Spicy Potato Salad

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During outdoor grilling season, there is lots of focus given to meat on the grill. However, I love focusing on delicious side dishes as well. While Mike mans the grill outside, Sam and I are busy in the kitchen, creating the rest of our meal. I love updating favourite classics plus trying something new.

Easy Spicy Hot or Cold Potato Salad

Potato salad is one of my go to dishes when we BBQ. I decided to update it this weekend using some amazing Gay Lea Gold Premium Sour Cream. We love using sour cream all year, but especially when grilling. I’ll mix a little horse radish with sour cream and use it as a topping for our burgers plus as a dip for our grilled potatoes. Yum!

This weekend, I had Sam help mix up our potato salad.. he was thrilled to help! I decided to add a little spice to it this time and it turned out wonderfully!

Gay Lea Sour Cream

Mustard and Sour Cream Potato Salad

Sour Cream Potato Salad


  • 10 small yellow potatoes
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 cup Gay Lea sour cream
  • 1 tablespoon jalapeno mustard

Cold Potato Salad Recipe

Easy Potato Salad Recipe

How to Make

  1. Chop potatoes into chunks and boil with skin on.
  2. Hard boil eggs.
  3. Smash potatoes and eggs together.
  4. Mix sour cream and mustard.
  5. Fold sour cream and mustard mixture into potato mixture until well blended.
  6. Serve warm or cold.

Spicy Potato Salad Recipe

It’s the perfect simple dish to serve — even to last minute guests.

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Your turn: what does your family love to eat with sour cream?

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