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Party Food: Gelato Brownie Bowls

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From my informal friend poll, most marrieds with children don’t have enough date nights. Time, fatigue, and money are the usual culprits. And babysitters. As in, lack of.

Party Food Ideas: Brownie Gelato Bowls

Since Mike is doing shift work, we don’t usually have a lot of time when it is just the two of us. However, with the easier pace of summer, weekend date night at home base is very appealing. And do-able. Since we finished redecorating our deck, it’s a great get-away feel right in our own back yard. Once Sam is settled in bed, Mike and I can slip out back to download about the week, try to reconnect. We might listen to the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack or laugh with something like The Debaters. Laughter and great food usually figure into our special times together. In fact, we both say we knew we would marry each other the night we met—we connected over trying to make each other laugh.  We still do it. He thinks he is funnier than I am. I think I am funnier than he is. Truth is, we both win…even though deep down…he knows I am the funniest!

How to Make a Brownie Bowl

Brownie Bowl with Gelato

Target is making it easy to set the scene for special evenings. They’ve got terrific housewares. I’m loving their outdoor lighting options—these clear lights are my favorite for adding extra twinkle. And everybody knows the power of candle light.  The battery operated pillars make it simple, without the distraction of being mindful about the flame. Pretty dishes and a blanket to snuggle under when the evening cools down—perfect! The only other needful thing is great food. Target has got you covered there too: Creamy Breyers Gelato is a sweet cap for a light-hearted summer evening of laughter and sharing. I’m serving it in brownie bowls: just use a glass to create an indention after baking your brownies individually in a muffin tin. Scoop in the Breyers Gelato and a sweet treat is served!

Breyer Gelato

Right now through August 1st, Target has an in-store special offer of two for $8. on Breyers Gelato using the Cartwheel app. This last time I chose the Triple Chocolate Gelato—yum! They also have Vanilla Caramel, Mint Chocolate, Chocolate Caramel, Strawberry Truffle, Cappuccino, Raspberry Cheesecake and Tiramisu. With creamy gelato, luscious sauces and gourmet toppings, you can certainly sweet talk your honey! Or get him laughing…and then you can snitch from his bowl, too. See who gets the last laugh?

Great Date Night In Ideas

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