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New Year, Best Me with Bulletproof Coffee

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A recent conversation and a good cup of coffee with an older (she says “seasoned” 🙂 ) friend was a boost to my “new year, best me” goal. Her advice might help you, too!

Bulletproof Coffee

Bliss (don’t you love that name?) listened while I had a temporary lapse in good cheer. I outlined my January lament: I have too much to do; Ryan has been sick; the boys have been cranky; I have already neglected my new healthy goals; the entire first month of the new year has zoomed by too quick and I feel behind on everything.

There might have been a few additional points, too.

Whine. Whine. Something I don’t do too often but on that day, with that friend, I indulged. And it helped because she listened.

And laughed.

I was taken back when she started to chuckle. But the thing about that good kind of rumbly laughter is how contagious it is. And my feathers weren’t ruffled when she said I sounded exactly like her when she had little ones.

She said, yes, it all matters—but none of those “things” are worth worry. Her advice? Spend a limited amount of time looking at the big picture, deciding on priorities and goals, and break that down into what you think is do-able. Then, just do your best, look for the fun, and keep on keeping on.

She also encouraged me to make my health and well-being a priority because exercise and new habits are tougher to start the older you get. That comment gave me a kick in the seat of my yoga pants.

I already knew that I wanted to make some changes ‘cause if you’re not at your best, how can you do the 1001 things a mom needs to do? Talk about motivation.

Bulletproof Coffee

One of my first shifts was trying the new Bulletproof Coffee I just received. There’s been so much buzz about it and I was eager to see if it gave me that “mental edge” and energy I’ve been hearing about.

Bulletproof Coffee Pack

Did you know some studies have shown many coffee beans are contaminated with mold?  Ugh. Bulletproof Certified Clean Coffee contains high-quality, Rainforest Alliance certified beans which are less likely to grow mold because of the special method they use to minimize contamination.

Bulletproof Grass Fed Ghee

You add grass-fed ghee to your coffee because it’s full of high-quality fats and nutrients like vitamins A, K2, D, and E, as well as more carotenes than you get in carrots.

Next addition is Brain Octane. It’s a purified triglyceride that speeds up metabolism and provides fuel for both body and brain.

It is delicious! I’ve heard people mention they didn’t need to add sweetener to it and I thought they were crazy—until I tried it. You really don’t need sweetener. There’s something about the nuttiness of the butter that adds so much flavor to the coffee.

Bulletproof Products

I’ve also tried adding Collagen Protein to my Bulletproof Coffee. It keeps me feeling satisfied…fuller…longer. It blends well—no clumps at all.

Starting the morning with a cup of Bulletproof Coffee does kick-start the day. A good cup of coffee is a great first step on my to-do list.

Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

And I’m remembering my conversation with Bliss. I’ve decided on intentional workouts four days a week. That seems like a reasonable, sustainable goal.

I know the additional exercise I get with two little boys won’t last forever so I’m doing my best.  I’m looking for fun. I’m keeping on—all necessities for a “new year, best me”!

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