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Loaded Turkey Bacon Deluxe Mac & Cheese

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 This blog post was sponsored by Horizon but the opinions are all my own.

Can you believe we’ve almost spent the first month of 2016? Wow! Our local stores are already displaying spring colors and themes. Although I wouldn’t object to more sunshine, I really don’t want to wish my time away: it disappears too soon already! There is something about the change of the calendar that invigorates me. It invites making future plans and setting new goals. Sam and I have been talking about our new ideas. We even made a goal printable to share with you.

Loaded Turkey Bacon Mac & Cheese

When I was a kid, I was big on daydreams (still am). And there were some things I organically planned for (I’ll save my allowance and then I’ll buy—), but I really didn’t learn to set goals as part of a lifestyle until I was older. I’m still more spontaneous but since Mike and I have set specific goals together, I can appreciate the benefit of long-term planning. I’d really like Sam to learn that lesson earlier than I did.

To help him learn to set goals, I’ve made a simple chart for Sam. At the ripe old age of six, simple is the way to go! His chart has columns for goal and reward at home, school and with friends.

Peppered Bacon with Chives Mac & Cheese

For example, one goal at home and at school is related to food. Sam will try one new food every week (he’s always been a VERY picky eater) and he needs to eat his whole lunch at school. I’ve been dismayed at how many times his lunch box comes home mostly untouched! He’s honest so that will be easy to track.

Loaded White Mac & Cheese

We talked about how this will work and agreed he’ll try three bites of a dish he usually turns his nose up at and he’ll go to the store with me and choose something to try that he’s never tasted. If he eats at least the three bites of the new taste (he doesn’t have to love it!), his reward is having an extra little bit of a favorite treat. At the end of three months consistent successes will be rewarded with something like a small building kit or a superhero figure—great incentive in his mind!

Easy Mac & Cheese

One of the things Sam is willing to eat without needing to make it part of his goal is that great comfort food, mac and cheese. Did you know Horizon has all sorts of products in addition to their milk? They have Classic Mac and Cheese as well as gluten free and organic offerings. We really like their creamy cheesy taste. Adding peppered turkey bacon and chives makes it a deluxe dish that fits right in with our healthy lifestyle choices.

Loaded Bacon Mac & Cheese

Horizon Peanut Butter Sandwich Crackers are one of the items that Sam likes in his lunch. When he discovers the Horizon product line includes some new tastes he has never tried, I’m guessing he’ll choose them. I’m sure he’ll think Apple Fruit Crunchers, Toasted Coconut Fruit Crunchers, Apple Clusters or Bunch o’ Berries Fruit Snacks sound like tastes he can handle and he’ll certainly eat more than the requisite three bites!

Loaded Mac & Cheese

Be sure to follow Horizon for lots of good info on their expanding product line. You might make that a goal, even if you don’t have a picky eater! And if you’d like to try simple goal setting with your kids, download my handy, dandy (free) chart.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Horizon Organic. The opinions and text are all mine.

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