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Chocolate Stuffed Shortbread Recipe + Kitchenaid Mixer Giveaway

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Disclosure: I am part of the Gay Lea Blogger Campaign with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Growing up in Newfoundland, my grandmother made the most delicious shortbread cookies that everyone loved, but me most of all. As a little girl, I can remember being her baking “assistant”. She would gently tie a handkerchief around my head – and an apron that we had made together — and we would set off on an adventure. I was in charge of pouring in the ingredients she measured. Then she would let me mix everything together. Finally, I was allowed to lick the mixing spoon to taste test once the batch was done. I will never forget those special memories together. There was no time more precious!  Now that I have Sam, I have started sharing the same shortbread making experience with him.

Chocolate Stuffed Shortbread Recipe

With Nan’s wisdom, I was able to have created my own delicious shortbread recipe as an adult. I’ve also found that shortbread cookies are the perfect gift that everyone loves! After making a few batches, I box them up and they’re a fun and festive gift that anyone can appreciate. Plus, Sam feels extra special that he can help bake and deliver them to family, friends, and teachers.   


  • 1 cup of GayLea unsalted butter
  • 1/2 cup powered icing sugar
  • 2 heaping cups of flour
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • Dark chocolate rosebuds (2 per cookie)
  • White sugar (for coating)


{Preheat oven to 350 degrees}

Shortbread Cookie Recipe with Real Butter

With the butter at room temperature, blend it until it is light and fluffy. Slowly add in the powdered icing sugar and vanilla and blend until it is fluffy again. FYI – I have a sad, little hand mixer, not a gorgeous Kitchenaid Mixer like is being given away at the end of the post. Make your life easier and go enter. 🙂

Chocolate Stuffed Shortbread Recipe

Slowly add in the flour, about a half a cup at a time. My nan would use her hands to blend the flour in. And certainly that is what I was taught. But I use my hand blender and find it does a great job, plus my hands stay a bit cleaner. You’ll end up with a crumbly mixture.

Chocolate Stuffed Shortbread Recipe

Grab a very small handful of the crumbly mixture then roll in between your two hands until a smooth ball has formed. Take two rosebuds and put them “flat side” together, then insert them into the middle of the ball and reshape.

The next step is to roll these balls in sugar so that they have a light dusting on the outside. I have tried these with and without rolling them in sugar. Rolling them in white sugar before they go into the oven is far superior. There’s not a ton of sugar in the dough, relatively speaking, so it give it a little sweetness that goes well with the “blandness” of the shortbread and then the chocolate center. They also look way better this way – it’s a much more finished look.

By the way, these cookies will stay pretty firm so you can keep them close together on the baking sheet. Bake for 15-18 minutes. With my oven I bake for only 15 minutes and watch carefully so that the bottoms don’t get too brown. When they’re done I put them on a wire rack to cool.

Chocolate Stuffed Shortbread Cookies

GayLea Shortbread Bliss Contest – Grand Prize: New Kitchen

You can also enter the sixth annual GayLea Shortbread Bliss contest. It runs until December 31, 2013. Just visit the GayLea Facebook page to get those entries in. There are daily prizes like cook books, weekly prizes like a KitchenAid mixer, and a grand prize of a brand new kitchen!  

Gaylea Butter Shortbread Recipe

Kitchenaid Mixer Giveaway

You could win a KitchenAid® Classic Series Stand Mixer courtesy of Gaylea!
Use this Rafflecopter form to enter

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