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Kid’s Party Food: Watermelon Recipes

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Although there are many delightful fruits to enjoy, in my mind watermelon is the quintessential summer fruit for kids’ party food. Not only is it sweet and tasty, it is full of good nutrition. Watermelon is high in vitamins A, C and B6 and it’’s a source of potassium. It also contains more lycopene than any other fresh produce. What’’s that? A high intake of lycopene is associated with reduced cancer risk, cardiovascular disease and macular degeneration. All that and it’’s a pretty color, too!

Kids party food: Watermelon recipes

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To choose the best melon, pick it up. Is it heavy for its size? Since melons are 92% water, a heavier melon indicates ripeness. Also look for a creamy yellow spot on the side where it sat on the ground — —that’’s a good thing. Other than that, the fruit should be clear of cuts and bruises.

Do you crave watermelon now?! Enjoy fresh slices and try one of these great recipes.

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Plus, one for the adults!

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Looking for more delicious fruit recipes? Don’t miss these ideas for more summer treats.

What’s your favorite way to eat watermelon?


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