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Kid’s Party Food: The Strawberry Octopus

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Little boys are so much fun to have in the kitchen! Sam loves to help me create kid’s party food ideas. We do “official” taste tests with our family so we’ll be ready with new themed foods when it’s time for company, whether it’s a birthday party or simply having friends over. I originally shared this fruity sea creature on B-Inspired Mama. It’s my take on Dacil’s idea from the Little Cook Food and Fun blog.

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I think this super-easy strawberry octopus would be great for an under-the-sea themed party, a pool party or even a silly monster theme. Besides being a cute decoration on a dessert table, I like including fruit as a healthy party food option.

Be sure to check out Dacil’s blog; she has all sorts of fun food ideas to inspire creativity with kids in the kitchen!

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What’s your favorite go to snack or treat made with strawberries?

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