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Kid’s Party Food: The Hulkmelon

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Now here is a fabulous kids’ party food: The Hulk Watermelon! He’d be a terrific dessert table guest at a super hero themed birthday party. Jill, over at Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons, came up with this idea. In fact, she regularly spends creative time in the kitchen with her boys to make “silly snacks, fun food and goofy goodies”. They used to be picky eaters—but no more. I’ve been doing the same kind of thing with Sam; when they are involved in the making, they’re much more likely to be partaking!

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Visit Jill and see some of their other culinary creations: Mr. Watermelon Head; Yodamelon; Frog; and Turtle-Turned-Over Melon are just a few. Who knew that watermelon could be such a shape changer?! Jill’s creativity isn’t limited to watermelon, however, so be sure to visit her blog and be inspired to make art in the kitchen with your kids.

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Stephanie Keeping

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