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Kid’s Party Food: Popsicle Brownies

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Do you know anyone who doesn’t like brownies? Me neither. That makes this confection a fabulous kid’s party food!  You can imagine the smiles of delight when these babies are offered on a birthday dessert table; the colorful toppings and sprinkles shout “party time”! Megan, at Somewhat Simple, conceived of the idea and she assures us this is truly simple to put together.

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I really like the fact that this fun dessert is served on a stick—that should mean fewer messy fingers to clean up. Don’t laugh; in a party room full of boys that’s a real consideration! Visit Megan’s site to learn how the toppings retain enough firmness to keep their shape without becoming too hard to enjoy.

These fun kid’s party food ideas are full of inspiration…

What’s your favorite summer time kid’s party food?

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