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Kid’s Party Food: Monster Cupcakes

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Who invented cupcakes? They’re a great idea! Cupcakes are a personal favorite of mine. They’re not a giant piece of sweet yet they offer a few satisfying bites of flavor and it is not enough of an over-indulgence to cause pangs of guilt! Cupcakes look terrific on kids’ dessert tables, too. They can be almost any flavor or color and they’re just the right size for small hands to hold. While I’m on this Ode to a Cupcake, let me mention that you can also use them for a fun party activity. Buy or make plain cupcakes and set out frosting and sprinkles and let the kids create their own edible masterpieces. That brings me to the point of this post! I saw these wacky googly-eyed monster cupcakes by Meaghan, of The Decorated Cookie, and thought they would perfectly illustrate what moms or kids could have a little fun with. Meaghan used orange, green and purple colors for her monsters but of course monsters can come in any colors you want!

Monster Cupcakes Kids Party Food

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Gather your supplies:

  • Cupcakes
  • Frosting
  • Sanding sugar (Note: sanding sugar crystals are larger and more sparkly than regular sugar. Find it online, in specialty grocery stores and many craft stores carry it in the cake decorating section.)
  • Food coloring (You can color sanding sugar by putting it in a plastic baggie with food coloring and then knead it. You might need to let it dry for an hour or so.)
  • Marshmallows, large and small
  • Black, edible marker

How to Create

  1. Frost your cupcakes and top them with the colored sanding sugar in whatever combinations that please you.
  2. Use the edible marker to draw eyes on each end of the marshmallows…so they look at you from each angle!
  3. Arrange the marshmallows on top of each cupcake. You might need to “glue” them on with a dab of frosting.
  4. Colored cupcake liners or wrappers add to the monster appeal.

A pedestal full of these cupcakes adds a lot of zing to a party table but you don’t have to wait for a party to enjoy them!

Don’t forget to visit The Decorated Cookie to see exactly how these monster cupcakes are made as well as check out more of her AMAZING ideas. It’s one of my favorite sites!

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What cupcakes would your kid’s love to see at a birthday party? 

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