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Kid’s Party Food: March of the Penguins

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What do you know about olives? Did you realize they’re related to penguins? Aww, not really. But they’re a super idea that can be used to make really cute kids’ party food or even appetizers for an adult soiree. I can imagine several party themes where they’d be perfect; they make great table decorations! 

Healthy Kids Party Food - March of the Penguins

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Who can resist these little penguins looking as if they’re dressed up in party finery? They couldn’t be easier to make. The only supplies you need are toothpicks plus these three ingredients:

  • Olives, large and small
  • A carrot
  • Cream cheese

That’s all! It really doesn’t get much easier than that.

This is what you do:

  • Peel and cut the carrot into slices.
  • Take a triangle notch out of each one—keep it! You’ll use that piece for the beak. What’s left will form the penguin’s feet.
  • Take another notch out of the larger olives—you can eat it or save it for a salad later.
  • Stuff each large olive with softened cream cheese (it’s easiest to use the edge of a table knife and then kind of smooth it with your finger).
  • Use the smaller black olives for each head. Stuff the opening with the carrot beak.
  • Stick the toothpick through the carrot slice “feet”. Slide the large olive “body” on next and top it off with the smaller olive “head”.
  • You’ll have just enough toothpick left sticking through the top to make it easy to pick up and eat.

Voila! You now have your very own flock of adorable penguins!

Although the kids won’t care, you can feel good about serving these appetizers because olives and olive oil have a number of compounds that are considered beneficial. They’re good for the cardiovascular system, the digestive tract, skin, hair, connective tissue, eye health and even red blood cells.

My mom always told me not to play with my food, but after we made these, we had these happy feet marching across the table. Your very own flock of adorable penguins!

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