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Kid’s Party Food: Dinosaur Bones

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Kids party food doesn’t get much easier than this bag of dinosaur bones that would be perfect for a dinosaur themed boy birthday party.  What is it really? It is yogurt covered pretzels that I happened to see on Amazon! They’re just the right combo of a bit of sweetness and saltiness…mmm good! I think the yogurt helps them qualify as more of a healthy kids’ treat, too.

Because there are traditionally so many sweets at a party, I like the idea of including alternate savory snacks. With more and more young kids having diabetic issues, I think that offering nuts plus veggies and fruits in fun shapes continues the celebration even as it helps kids who are not able to eat a lot of sweets feel like they’re not missing out.

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You don’t want to just plop something like a commercial bag of pretzels on the dessert table and call it party food though. Dress it up and now it’s a party decoration, too. I found these small black favor bags from Michael’s. A mound of pretzels filling the original size of this bag would really be too many pretzels for one kid when you consider all of the foods that are usually on a party menu so I trimmed the top of the bags to make them more personal sized. I affixed food labels from our Prehistoric Dinosaur Collection on the front of each bag: ready to party!

You could also trim the bags down so they’re even shorter and serve other individual sized treats in them, too. There are a number of dino images and colors in our collection that would look terrific when grouped on a table. The boys would dig it!

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Do you have a dinosaur fanatic in your home that would love a dinosaur birthday party? 

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