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Kid’s Party Food: Chocolate Pecan Turtle

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I wonder if Julia Child ever had a 4-year-old assistant…I bet she did; that’s why she drank all that wine! I’ve been experimenting with fun kid’s party food ideas over the past few weeks. Chocolate covered caramels have been calling my name this week, but I wanted to make a fun, kid-friendly version. Since Sam and I have become kitchen buddies, I knew he’d want to help make them, but we could do them turtle shape since that would be more fun. Being the good natured little guy that he is, of course he gleefully responded with “yes, let’s make turtles!”

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We did all the measuring, pouring, melting but instead of just using the pecans for turtle appendages, Sam wanted them to have a “real” head, so we gave them cashew heads. Then Sam had to name them…and make them talk…and move them around on the counter. After developing a relationship with them, he wouldn’t eat a single one!

But I did. More than one. They’re awesome!

Ingredients for One Chocolate Pecan Turtle:

  • large melting chocolate
  • mini reese peanut butter cup
  • 4 pecan halfs (for legs)
  • 1 large cashew (for head)
  • 1/page/8 cup semi sweet chocolate chips
  • vegetable oil

How to Make Chocolate Pecan Turtles:


1. Start with the large melting chocolate and place the mini Reese’s cup in the middle.

turtle bayou kids birthday party food ideas

2. Place the legs and head. 

3. Melt the chocolate with a few drops of vegetable oil to make it thinner.

easy kids party food ideas pecan reeses turtles

4. Pour the chocolate over the turtle. 

Tip: Assemble on a cooling tray with a cookie sheet underneath. That way the chocolate will drip on the cookie sheet and not pool at the bottom (as it  would if the turtles were on a flat surface).

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