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How I Love “Getting” to Work

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This fun party food idea is my own, brought to you by Kronos. 

Now that I am blogging full time, I can honestly say that I love getting up for work each morning. It took a while to carve out this life for myself. And certainly it was not always easy. People ask me all the time how I have been able to turn a blog into a job and basically it boils down to the sad fact that I did not sleep for three years while I juggled outside-the-home work and working the blog with trying to be a good mother and a decent wife. ☺

Cute Party Food Ideas

But now I’m in a place where I love writing, crafting and creating fun food ideas. I love learning how to work social media. I love studying the best ways to drive traffic to posts and how I am even learning to love photography — until June my husband took all my photos because I thought I would be terrible at it.

But, perhaps, most of all I love the opportunity this blog affords me to meet so many new and inspiring people each day. One of the cool things about working on this blog is getting to see all of the creative ideas. Whether it is a career party stylist or a mom stylist, a home cook or a pro, I love the opportunity to see wonderful people doing their thing.

1 in One Hundred Million

I was fascinated when I discovered the “1 in one hundred million” site that features everyday people, outside the party world, talking about their jobs with great dedication and excitement. We tend to hear more about those with glamorous passions, but there are individuals all around us who make a difference in our lives that we don’t often think about. Or at least, I don’t.  There’s a lot to celebrate in the everyday—without a birthday cake in sight!

“1 in one hundred million” is a site that shares personal stories of ordinary people who do important jobs that are often unrecognized. (Subscribe for free here.) I was touched by the passion in each featured worker. I listened to every one of the videos and in each instance I heard people speaking about their contributions with pride. How refreshing! I mean, haven’t you heard many jokes and laments about “having” to go to work—instead of getting to go to work? I’ve certainly had that negative mindset in past jobs and am so thankful that I don’t feel that way today.


For instance, in one of my favorite videos a guy named Zach is talking about his job as a game tester at the Chicago-based company, Stern Pinball. He loves playing the game and he also loves making sure the pinball machines are flawless. To Zach, pinball games are superior to video games because they’re tangible, in your face, loud, and fun! Pinball is becoming more popular again, but since Stern Pinball is the only factory in the world that is mass-producing pinball machines, Zach knows he is doing something almost no one else in the world is doing. And he’s pumped about it.

The sponsor of these awesome videos is Kronos. They are a leader in workforce management solutions that help their clients manage scheduling, time and attendance records, HR and payroll, hiring, and labor analytics solutions and services.

Every month Kronos releases a new video that focuses on an occupation. I was touched by so many of the stories. I expected the trauma nurse, fire fighter and National Guard commander stories to impress me—and they did—but I was also very interested in what the restaurant server and female electrician had to say.

Stories on 1 in One Million

Seeing these videos helps you appreciate the individual contributions that each of us make so the world is a better place for all of us. It also made me appreciate not being an alligator wrestler!

I am proud of being able to carve out a space where I can celebrate living a life filled with boyish charm. Sam and I were in the kitchen the other day and started playing around with some food and the camera. I thought “I love how fun my job is.” What resulted were these adorable bee cookies. Since I’ve been practicing my photography skills I was able to grab a few pics.

Easy Icing for Cookies

How to Make Bee Oreos

They were very simple to make — all you need are sandwich cookies, white chocolate melting wafers, white chocolate chips, candy eyes and some easy icing. Here’s what I did:

Bee Party Food Ideas

  1. Melt 1/3 cup of white chocolate chips in a small baggie in the microwave, Make sure you mic them in 20-30 second intervals, massaging in between, so that the chocolate doesn’t burn. If they firm up while you are working, just throw them in the microwave again. To pipe the chocolate, snip a corner of the bag off.
  2. Break apart sandwich cookies. Pipe white chocolate to secure two melting wafers that will create the wings.
  3. Pipe additional chocolate in the middle of the cookie to reattach the other side of the sandwich cookie. Don’t press them together too hard or the cookie will break. Fill in any gaps between the two cookie layers with the chocolate.
  4. Attach two candy eyes to the top of the cookie with the white chocolate.
  5. Create an easy icing by mixing 1/2 cup of powdered sugar and 2 teaspoons of milk. Add yellow gel food coloring until you get your desired color. Pour icing into a piping bag that has a #3 tip. Pipe three stripes for each bee.

Oreo Bees Party Food Idea

I think these bee cookies would be the perfect inspiration for a bee themed birthday party or baby shower!

By the way, if you want to be totally inspired, check out all the stories on the“1 in one hundred million” site. You can subscribe for free.

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