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Helping Kids Get Back to School Ready

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Tyson®. The opinions and text are all mine.

Back to school – whether it is being spoken by kids, parents or teachers, that little phrase holds a lot of different meanings!

Helping Kids Get Back to School Ready

My little guys aren’t in school yet, but of course I’ve been a student. And before my first son was born, I was a second grade teacher so I’ve experienced the back-to-school phenomenon from a couple of perspectives so far.

Easy Breakfast Ideas

When I was a teacher I saw first-hand what happens when kids go to school hungry. It’s heart breaking. Now that I stay home with my boys every day, it’s really easy to forget what goes on in the world around me.


Back to School Ideas

But I don’t want to forget what’s going on. Because if I forget, I won’t do anything about it.

I get complacent in my sheltered bubble because things no longer affect me the way they used to when I would step foot inside my classroom.

Back to School Ideas

Having little guys at home, I’m not always able to volunteer at local non-profits the way I’d like, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do anything.

Tyson Hunger Heroes

Because of the Tyson Hunger Heroes campaign, now I can do something. This is the 4th annual Hunger Heroes Back to School program at Sam’s Club to fight hunger.

Jimmy Dean Maple Pancake and Sausage

For every bag/box sold of specially marked packages, Tyson will donate a serving (4oz.) to a child in need. Last year 360 thousand meals were donated, but the goal this year is 1 million.

What a difference that could make!

School Supplies

When I was teaching, I noticed you could pretty much tell which families had been preparing their kids for a winning school year. Usually they were the kids who were ready for classes; attitudes they experienced at the start of the school season gave them a confidence that carried into the entire year.

So I think from what I noticed, great beginnings can translate into academic and social success. Isn’t that what we all want for our kids?


Kid's School Supplies

Here are some of my suggestions for helping your kids cultivate a winning attitude while beginning a new back-to-school season:

  • A new school room/building can be intimidating for kids. Try to give your student a tour of his/her school previous to the first day of classes. A short visit to important spaces (classroom, restroom, lunch room, etc.) helps.
  • If your child will be riding a bus to and from school, show them where they are likely to be dropped off and picked up, too.
  • Introduce your child to the teacher and principal, if possible. Their familiar faces will be reassuring on those busy first days.
  • Make the transition to earlier bedtimes and getting up in the morning at least a couple of weeks before school begins.
  • Talk positively about the upcoming school year with your child.
  • Help them choose clothes they feel good about wearing.
  • A good breakfast helps your student perform at his/her best.
  • Send them off with needed school supplies.
  • Create a designated homework space. Training a child to focus on their work at a regular time, in a particular place, helps establish good study habits.
  • Prepare for the next day the night before; as much as possible, avoid last-minute frenzy that can ramp up nerves.

Not only is it important to cultivate winning attitudes at the beginning of the year, it’s equally important to fuel that attitude every morning. Emotional and physical tanks need to be filled regularly.

School kids and little guys just do better when their tummies are full. I know my toddler aged boys aren’t always ready to eat when I want them to, but I’ve noticed, for example, when my kids don’t eat breakfast, it doesn’t take long until we have meltdowns.

Breakfast Ideas for Back to School

When you’re home for the day it’s easier to deal with, but when you have to be on the run—forget it! Fruits are perfect “on-the-go” treats. Single serve drinks make a big difference.

Grab and go meals are also greatly convenient. 55 seconds in the microwave and Jimmy Dean® pancakes and sausage on a stick are ready to go, and you’re out the door. Or you can choose Jimmy Dean mini pancake sandwiches for another tasty option.

Jimmy Dean Pancakes & Sausage on a Stick

Sam’s Club has a great selection of the convenient Tyson brand foods. You can find quick and easy ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time, making it simple to team up with Tyson Foods and Sam’s Club to feed your family and help fight hunger at the same time.

Tyson and Sam’s Club are teaming up to fight hunger. They’ve donated 1 Million meals over the last few years, help them double that and donate 1 Million this year alone. #HungerHeroes

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