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Healthy Kids’ Party Food: Fruit & Yogurt Parfaits

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Mike, Sam and I have been enjoying lots of bike rides lately. There are some beautiful trails by our house and it’s been great to finally enjoy them. Our routine is the same on every excursion: enjoy a ride with frequent stops for Sam to explore something that captures his attention; head home for a snack. Since we’re being healthy riding our bikes, I’m working to create healthy snacks to enjoy once we arrive home too. 

healthy kids party food ideas

To make our snack even more appealing, I created a delicious sampling experience this week. I paired Dole Fruit in Jars with vanilla Greek yogurt. Sam got involved by choosing toppings, which I displayed in small, glass bowls. The three of us enjoyed our snack together and voted on our favorite flavor combos. {Honestly – you can’t go wrong… they’re all so tasty!}

Dole Fruit in Jar

Dole Fruit in Jars is a fantastic way to stay on track with our healthy habits. Each jar has a resealable lid, so you don’t have to worry about waste. I love that there is no cutting or peeling, just ready to eat fruit that was picked and packed at the peak of ripeness. Each jar contains five full servings of fruit and is packed in 100% fruit juice. You’ll find all five varieties in the canned fruit section at your grocery store. The five Dole Fruit in Jars are:

  • DOLE Fruit in Jars Mandarin Oranges
  • DOLE Fruit in Jars Pineapple Chunks
  • DOLE Fruit in Jars Tropical Fruit
  • DOLE Fruit in Jars Sliced Peaches
  • DOLE Fruit in Jars Mixed Fruit

healthy kids party food

fruit parfait ingredient ideas

For our snack, I also included vanilla Greek yogurt. In the bowls, there are chopped walnuts, coconut, crushed graham crackers and granola. We also used honey and and agave nectar. I layered the fruit and yogurt in a dish and then we tried different toppings like chopped walnuts with agave nectar. Each pairing was absolutely delicious! Eating healthy is easy with amazing treats like this! 

fruit parfait topping ideas

fruit and yogurt parfait ideas

This easy option, especially when paired with protein packed greek yogurt, is a delicious treat. It’s an easy way I can encourage our family to be healthy this summer. We’re doing simple things like:

  1. Drinking plenty of water each day. 
  2. At least 30 minutes of activity — biking, walking, hiking.
  3. Fresh fruits and vegetables — try new combos and mix it up!
  4. Multi-task: take advantage of five free minutes and do squats or sit ups.
  5. Plan rewards — make a goal and reward yourself when you hit your target!

healthy kids party food ideas fruit and yogurt parfaits

healthy kids party food tropical fruit greek yogurt

kids party food greek yogurt dole pineapple

I know we’re going to have a great summer by taking these simple steps. I’m excited to show Sam how great it can be to be active as a family. It’s also wonderful to create new recipes to enjoy together — especially when they are as simple and delicious as these fruit and yogurt parfaits. 

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