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Healthy Dinner Party Menu Ideas with McCormick FlavorPrint

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I love spending time in the kitchen, experimenting with new recipes and flavors. Because of this, I was excited to hear about McCormick’s new FlavorPrint feature on their website. After helping make life delicious for over 125 years, McCormick is offering a new tool to offer personalized recipe suggestions, tailored to an individual’s flavor profile. 

healthy dinner party menu ideas

In less than two minutes, you can find your own unique FlavorPrint mark by answering a series of questions about your flavor preference. Each person has a unique flavor finger print — tastes that you love — that McCormick’s site then recommends recipes for based on your matches.

The McCormick FlavorPrint site is so easy to use. It takes no time at all to set up your profile. It’s also easy to update with details about your kitchen habits and what you like about recipes you’ve tried. Every time you make an update, it reflects on your profile so it shows the flavors you’ll love most. I was also impressed that McCormick offered tons of healthy options that were easy for quick entertaining. This is perfect because we do a lot of last minute entertaining in the summer and I don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen while my guests are here! 

mccormick flavorprint recipe ideas

mccormick flavorprint recipe ideas

mccormick flavorprint recipe ideas

This weekend, I created three recipes off their website. I made a Chicken Berry Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette for lunch. After we ate, I updated my profile and then selected two side dishes to go along with our grilled chicken for dinner: Easy Herbed Sugar Snap Peas and Mediterranean Salsa. I was impressed how spot on they were to what we love! 

healthy bbq chicken ideas

mccormick cinnamon sugar

healthy chicken green salad ideas

The berry chicken salad was divine — the perfect lunch option. It was also easy to prepare, clocking in at less than half an hour from start to finish. I felt like the flavors were very well suited to my tastebuds. After making this, I gave it a thumbs up and then found two more recipes that matched my profile.

bruschetta spices

healthy party food appetizer

Next step: dinner ideas. These healthy appetizers are also great as sides dishes. They’re perfect to share with friends. Or not, if you really love them like I do! 

steamed sugar snap peas recipe

sugar snap pea recipe

These easy herbed sugar snap peas have hints of garlic and onion — one of my favorites on my flavor profile. It was so easy to prepare and I seriously could have eaten the entire bowl by myself. This definitely says summer to me.

healthy party appetizer ideas

I love a good salsa — especially one that has a unique flavor that matches my palette! This Mediterranean Salsa, with ingredients like olive oil and basil, was absolutely divine along with some pita chips. It’s a recipe I will certainly be serving again soon — in a much larger portion! 

I really enjoyed the recipes McCormick FlavorPrint suggested — I’ll definitely be using this tool for more meal ideas from now!

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