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Fun & Healthy On the Go Snack Ideas #GrapefruitBowls

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This great snack idea is brought to you by Dole in partnership with the Mom It Forward Blogger Network, however all ideas are my own.

When I was pregnant for Sam, I couldn’t get enough grapefruit. I could easily go through a carton of red grapefruit juice and then some. Not to mention all the fresh grapefruits I made Mike pick up for me at the store! It was one of my favorite snacks throughout my entire pregnancy. Even though Sam is now five, it’s still one of my go to fruits to enjoy. February is National Grapefruit Month — and DOLE has a brand new way for me to enjoy grapefruit all year round.

Kid's Party Food Idea: Fruit Bowls #GrapefruitBowl

I was excited to find out about DOLE Red Grapefruit Sunrise Fruit Bowls since they make snacking on my favorite grapefruits that much easier. Since DOLE is the number one brand for single serve fruit cups, I knew I was in for a treat. Each bowl is 100% juice with all-natural DOLE fruit. The grapefruit is picked at the peak-of-ripeness and is peeled and then packed in a blend of 100% fruit juice and sealed for a fresh, on-the-go experience. While many other fruit cups contain syrup or artificial sweeteners, I love that DOLE Red Grapefruit Sunrise Fruit Bowls do not.

Dole Red Grapefruit

Fruit Cups for Kids from Dole

These new Fruit Bowls are naturally gluten free, contain no GMOs (genetically modified or engineered ingredients) or artificial sweeteners and feature BPA free packaging. You’ll find them in the canned fruit aisle of your local grocery store or super center. Each package contains four individual containers to enjoy. 

Kid Snack Ideas Dole Red Grapefruit Bowls

Since I often eat breakfast on the go… and by often, I mean every single morning… these fruit bowls are perfect for me! I can grab one for my breakfast, as well as tuck one in Sam’s lunch. To make them even more fun to eat, I added googly eyes I picked up in the craft aisle. Just peel the stickers and stick them on to make little cup monsters. I may or may not have also tucked one inside Mike’s lunch bag for work. 😉 You’re never too old for a cup monster! 

Dole Red Grapefruit Bowls

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Your turn: what meal does your family enjoy red grapefruit with?

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