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Fun Halloween Party Food Ideas #SnackAndGo

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Are you hosting a Halloween party this year? I just don’t have the time to put together a full-out party this season, but for Sam’s sake I invited some neighborhood kids to come over. It’s always satisfying to put something together that is fun for them, plus an after-school playdate gives the kids another time to hang out in their costumes, which they love. Add a few themed treats and they’re happy! Add a few themed treats that don’t take forever and I’m happy!

Fun Halloween Kid's Party Food Ideas

While I don’t have full-blown arachnophobia, like many, I confess to an aversion to spiders. Their beastly fangs and venom make them menacing enough to be rather alarming without being too frightening for a group of kids. So in preparation for our get-together, I bought a collection of spiders and a black pumpkin that also sports a glittering arachnid. I love the large black specimen. Buggy eyes and long legs set him up over his dessert kingdom. He almost dares you to grab a treat!

Halloween Part Decoration Ideas

Snack Pack Pudding at Walmart

Nutter Butter Bites

Great Snack Ideas for Halloween

Go Paks

Pudding Topping Ideas for Halloween

Walmart has a huge display of inexpensive NABISCO Go-Paks! and Snack Pack® Pudding Cups at only about $1 each. (Plus, grab a coupon!) They’re a great way to add a sweet surprise for the whole neighborhood.  Add Reddi-wip (I prefer Original) topping and the kids have a piece of portable party.

Spider Nests Halloween Party Food Idea

I decided to feature the vanilla Snack Pack Pudding as “spiders’ nests”. There is enough room to add a swirl of a Reddi-wip web and a spider made of a mini OREO cookie, embellished with chocolate frosting. The plastic cups are an easy size for kids to hold, they don’t leak and you don’t have to wash them when the party is over (can you feel my smile?).

Creepy Crawly Halloween Pudding

Butterscotch Snack Pack Pudding easily morphs into “creepy crawly pudding” with chocolate frosting spiders on the mini Nutter Butter and Nilla Wafers. Kids are so funny—just the slightly eerie names have them wide-eyed!

Halloween Party Food Ideas

My dark wood table and a kraft paper runner work well for the main tablescape. The menacing giant black spider lords over acid green pedestals with the Snack Pack Puddings. A cluster of spiders appear to scurry around the treats. At first the kids just wanted to look at them—but the enticement of sweets overcame any timidity!

Halloween Party Food Ideas: Ghost Banana Split Bar

Ghosts always seem to show up at Halloween so a banana split bar is a great way to feature them. I bought a set of white bowls with black spider images—perfect for my banana split bar. Here’s what you need:

  • Bowls
  • Bananas – I cut mine in half
  • Candy eyes
  • Small container of frosting to use as “glue” for the candy eyes
  • Snack Pack Pudding
  • Go-Paks!
  • Reddi-wip

Ghost Bananas

Halloween Themed Banana Split Party Food Bar

If I were doing this for a formal, full-scale party I would put the mini cookies in different containers, but for our playdate the original packaging worked just fine. Since Sam and his buddies are in the five to six age range, I put a squirt of Reddi-wip in the bowls for them, cut the bananas and gave them their eyes, and positioned the “ghosts” in the bowls. Then the kids made their choices of vanilla, chocolate or butterscotch pudding, whatever cookies they wanted plus another hit of Reddi-wip. I can tell you a banana split bar is VERY popular with kids and it is much easier to pull off when you don’t add melting ice cream.

I know you’re busy—who isn’t these days—but I can tell you little astronauts, monsters and dinosaurs will appreciate an extra chance to dress up and hang out at your place. An interesting fact: all those creatures like to eat pudding and cookies!

Stephanie Keeping

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