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Fire Hydrant Cookies {Fire Truck Party Ideas}

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Are these fire hydrant cookies not the coolest themed food idea for a fire truck party or what? I cannot imagine any little fireman not wanting to gobble them up – especially once they’re covered in red melting chocolate. These feats in food engineering were created by Vanessa over at the blog The Sew*er, The Caker, The Copycat Maker.

Vanessa says in her blog post that not every hydrant turned out perfectly. But honestly, that’s what usually happens in real life. We party people usually just photograph the one or two perfect ones for Pinterest. LOL I’ve actually said to my husband, MIke — who does my photography: most of those <<insert dessert fail>> turned out nasty so shoot around the bad ones and use lots of blur. The secret’s out now.

I am pretty sure the boys would not care one little bit about a few being lopsided, they’d still think they were the coolest ever. If you want to check out how these fantastic fire hydrants look once they’re covered in chocolate and ready for the fire engine party, hop on over to Vanessa’s original blog post. She made a cute birthday cake for the party as well.

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