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Easy Outdoor Party Ideas

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Are you the go-to patisserie queen for your family? I am. Because I love to cook and bake, my family believes I can make anything. And I promised my sister I would bring the sweets for my brother-in-law’s outdoor graduation party. But…life. As in, too busy. When life gets hectic, a reputation like that can be hard to keep up. Butohmygosh. Thanks EDWARDS® Desserts for sponsoring this post and making me look good, as easy as one-two-thaw!

Easy Outdoor Party Ideas

My brother-in-law just graduated from a technical school and my sis wanted to celebrate his accomplishment. Nothing over the moon, but a relaxed party with a bit of dash.

Utensil Holders

With plenty of green grass to play in, a ramada at our local park was the perfect destination. A few black and white decorations added energy to the casual setting.

Graduation Party Food

Everyone always wants to know “What are we eating?” so pre-party we picked up over-sized clothes pins to use as name-card holders. So cute!

Graduation Party Sign

And Ralf, the guest of honor, appreciated being labeled “a jolly, good fellow.”

Drinks in Galvanized Tin Tubs

When you’re going to party away from home, keeping it simple rules the day. Galvanized tubs for drinks, condiments, and table service look good and make it easy to lug everything from car to table and back again.

Outdoor Party Games

Giant Outdoor Jenga Game

Even though friends always have a lot to talk about, having a few activities ups the fun factor. Frisbee, corn hole, and Giant Jenga kept everyone busy at our party.

Pie Party Ideas

All that fresh air sure revs up appetites! You can’t go wrong with burgers and chips. But what got everyone excited was seeing me set up FIVE dessert stands.

Best Store Bought Pie

The desserts worked some kind of magic. No guest needed to be invited to the dessert table…everyone was eager to sample the selections.

Edward's Desserts

And sample we did! EDWARDS® Hershey’s* Chocolate Crème Pie, Turtle Pie, Key Lime Pie (my favorite), Lemon Meringue Pie (crowd fav), and Cookies and Crème Pie were ALL delicious (does that tell you how many I tasted?)!

Chocolate Pie

The EDWARDS® Desserts crushed cookie crusts, velvety layers, and decadent flavors were a real hit with everyone. I can hardly wait to taste the S’mores Dessert that will be available this summer.

New Pies from Edward's Desserts

So, we pulled it off. Even though the breezy day meant décor plans had to morph, we were determined the wind would not blow away our pleasure. We had the best time!

Edward's Lemon Meringue Pie

And after tasting the desserts, someone grinned at me and said, “She’s a jolly, good fellow.”

So this summer, if you want to keep up your reputation as queen of the sweets, I highly recommend deliciously decadent EDWARDS® Desserts. They make you look good. As easy as one-two-thaw.

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