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Easy Kids Treat Idea: Chocolate Marshmallow Milk #trumoo

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This weekend, Mike, Sam and I headed outside to enjoy the snow and build the most magnificent snow tunnels the world has ever seen. Mike and I worked really hard while Sam watched. 🙂 That boy has us both wrapped around his finger. We’ve been experiencing windchills as low as 40 degrees below, so playing outside hasn’t been an option. It was great to get outdoors again. But after several hours (!!!), it was also great to get back inside and snuggle up with some real comfort food.

The other day, I picked up some TruMoo Chocolate Marshmallow Milk at Target. It’s a special flavor available only this February! It was the perfect drink to enjoy after our cold time outside. Sam had a fantastic time choosing what treats to dress up our drinks with. I even rimmed the glasses with a little simple syrup and dipped them in graham crumbs to make it even more fun. While we warmed up, talked about our coming week. It was a great time to listen to Sam and encourage him for the week ahead. His language skills are coming along so well know that he’s actually trying to tell me stories. It’s great. And since he was busy enjoying his TruMoo, he was also content to sit still for a change!

I’m excited to serve TruMoo Chocolate Marshmallow Milk to Sam and his friends for Valentine’s day. Chocolate and marshmallows are the perfect pairing and will be great with all the Valentine’s treats we’ll be enjoying. Plus, making a simple “drink bar” where the kids can choose the toppings is an excellent way to make them feel extra special on Valentine’s. Simple treats like mini, heart shaped marshmallows, graham crackers crushed up, peppermint sticks, cinnamon and real whip cream with chocolate garnish are all perfect. I will warn you that some boys may try to be a mad scientist and mix all the toppings at once! But how can you blame them, really.

Once February is over, we’ll enjoy regular TruMoo Chocolate and Vanilla flavored milk the rest of the year. I know Sam will be asking for it in his lunch regularly now. I’m glad that TruMoo is made with fresh milk, pure cocoa, and natural sugar. It also contains no artificial growth hormones or high fructose corn syrup. A huge plus in my book! That makes me happy to continue serving it to Sam, both hot and cold, during the rest of the year.

The chocolate marshmallow flavor also tastes good heated – which is how I plan to try it following my next snow date with Sam.

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