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Easy Dessert Hack: Salted Caramel Sandwiches

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Forget the heat: eat more ice cream!

That’s my mantra for the rest of August. I just came up with a great food hack using ice cream bars. Even though we’re all thinking about back-to-school—it’s still summer and I’m going to act like it! There is still time for kids running through the sprinkler, entertaining on the deck, eating ice cream and taking leisurely shopping trips. I love to poke around in interesting little shops. Ha! I like to poke around in interesting big shops—like Target!

Salted Caramel Sandwiches

I love to shop at Target. I find lots of cool ideas for party decorations and needful things for the house and I’m amazed at their cute everyday clothes. I’ve been wearing yoga pants for way too many months. I’m not giving them up—they’re way too comfortable—but I picked up a cute skirt and top at Target last week. I wore it to a party and felt great. What also felt great was it only cost $36!

Best Ice Cream at Target

I also picked up some yummy ice cream treats: Magnum Double Chocolate, Klondike Sandwich Bars, and Mango Fruttare. All delicious on their own, but I came up with this little food hack for the Klondike Bars. Our family loved it and it’s special enough to share with company. It’s a quick and easy treat to enjoy, especially when you’re trying to squeeze out every summer moment you can!

Klondike Sandwiches

Salted Caramel Ice Cream Sandwich

Food Hack for Dessert

I took the Klondike Sandwich and topped it with the caramel sauce I picked up at Target. I added a small handful of chocolate chips and sprinkled it with sea salt. Done and delicious!

Target Ice Cream Products

Target Ice Cream

Want to make some for yourself? Target has a great in-store offer: Buy 3, Get 1 Free on participating ice cream products. This offer is good 8/9/15 – 9/5/15 (not available in California, Nevada, Louisiana, and Colorado). While you’re there you’ll probably want to wander past the bath towels, look at the dishes, check out the new nail polish colors, and maybe pick up a new top or two. Isn’t that what every woman does at Target?!

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