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Easy Chocolate Chai Tea Recipe {Virgin or Alcohol}

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I am obsessed – beyond obsessed – with tea. And chocolate chai tea is in my top two with lemon green tea being number one. At this point, I couldn’t even count how many cups of tea I have a day. I wanted to share a super easy chocolate chai tea recipe that you could serve up on Valentine’s Day if you’re short on time, money or both. Since I rarely drink alcohol anymore, I have always enjoyed the virgin version but you could easily add Baileys and call it a party.

Easy Chocolate Chai Tea Recipe (Virgin or Alcohol)

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To start this beverage, you’ll need to pick up your favorite chai tea. There are so many amazing options out there including chocolate chai versions. Chocolate Chai Tea Recipe

To make this a little special for valentine’s, I tore off the tag that comes on the tea bag and replaced it with a small paper heart. I’m hoping Mike will think it’s romantic when I serve it that way. 🙂

Chocolate Chai Tea

Once your tea has steeped, it’s when the magic happens. For the virgin version, I add chocolate milk (sooo good) and one package of sweetener. I love lattes and other sweet tea and coffee drinks so I like things on the sweet side. If you want to make an alcohol version, add in Baileys and then sweeten to your desired amount. Top with real whipping cream.

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