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Kid’s Party Food Ideas: Delicious & Darling Easter Cake Pops

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Aren’t these Easter Cake Pops darling? Cake pops have become very popular at the boys’ birthday parties and at just about every other party, too! You can use your own creative ideas to decorate them for all kinds of themes. They look festive on a dessert table or you can bag them with a clear sleeve and ribbon and use them as party favors. Easter is April 20th this year and I am thinking these pops would be a sweet addition to Easter baskets. They look like they’d be so difficult to make, but unless you get super fancy with the decorations, they aren’t. Want to try it? I’m giving you the simplified version—which is my cake baking method! Of course you can substitute homemade recipes if you have an aversion to the boxed flavors.

Kid's Party Food Ideas Easter Cake Pops

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How to Make Easter Cake Pops

Kid's Party Food Easter Cake Pops

  • using 1 boxed cake recipe (any flavor), bake cake in 9” x 13” x 2” pan
  • let it cool completely
  • use ½ cake and crumble it into small pieces in a bowl (it’s easier to mix doing half at a time)
  • add canned frosting, starting w/a couple of spoonfuls; don’t add more than ½ C
  • mix it well; working it w/your hands is messy but best
  • for uniform sized balls, measure each time; 2 tablespoons =1 ½” Pops
  • roll the balls in the palms of your hand; using fingers causes ridges
  • chill them at least two hours on a parchment covered cookie sheet

Easter Cake Pops Kid's Party Food Ideas Bunny

Get a Styrofoam block ready so you can stick the cake pops there as the candy coating is hardening. Also get any sprinkles or embellishments ready that you want to use because once you dip the cake balls in the candy melt you’ll need to put the decorations on right away.

  • melt about 3 oz. of the candy melts in the microwave; dip the tips of the sticks in the candy and push them about half way to two-thirds of the way into the balls
  • let them set for at least 10 minutes
  • melt the candy melts (about 1#) in a cup that is deep enough that the whole ball is covered when you stick it in there (if you don’t have the fancy melting pots, use the microwave but be careful not to scorch it and keep it warm by putting the cup in hot water)
  • dip the cake pop in and kind of twirl it as you take it out of the candy melt
  • cover w/sprinkles or flowers or whatever you want; you can marbleize by using two colors of melts in one cup, just don’t completely stir them or they morph into a different solid color
  • push the stick into the Styrofoam and let them completely harden, about 10 minutes

Kid's Party Food Easter Cake Pops Easter Eggs

If you want to add fondant or candy corn type ears or additional dots, etc. you can use a toothpick and tiny dabs of frosting as glue. There are food safe decorating pens that look like markers that are used for facial features. Disposable decorating bags can be used if you want to use frosting. If you add food coloring, use gel not liquid drops.

Kid's Party Food Easter Cake Pops

Kid's Party Food Ideas Easter Cake Pops Baby Chicks

The entire boxed cake recipe yields about 24 1 ½” cake pops.  Eat ‘em up!

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