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Cute Food for Kids: Chick’n Egg #BBFEggs

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Sam loves it when we play with our food and we both think this little chick is an adorable idea! Obviously he is cute food for kids and good for grins any time, but wouldn’t a few of these be sweet on a breakfast or brunch party buffet?

Cute Kid's Food Snack Ideas

We love the energy boost we get from eating eggs. Especially on days when I know there’s a lot on our schedule, or if I’ve had a short night, eggs are on our breakfast menu.  They’re also a great snack on busy afternoons. When my energy is running low, it’s so tempting to reach for something sugary.  I really appreciate the convenience of the Burnbrae Farms Naturegg Omega 3 Hard Boiled Eggs Snack Pack for a quick pick-me-up that I can feel good about eating. They’re an excellent source of protein, vitamin E and B 12 as well as the omegas. I can feel an almost immediate positive difference after eating one.

Omega 3 Peeled Eggs from Burnbrae Farms

Peeled Eggs from Burnbrae Farms

I used a Burnbrae Snack Pack to create my chick’n egg and it means the chick turned out perfectly—no broken shell bits or random slices out of the egg. This is how I make them:


For each chick, make a bread “nest” by rolling a piece of bread flat.
Use a mug to create a circle indent and trim it.
Put the bread circles in muffin tins and bake for about 7 minutes.

Make Bread Nests

How to Make Bread Nests

Easy Bread Nest
For the chicken, use a skewer to keep it in place as you’re creating.

Cute Kid's Food Ideas
Use a cookie cutter to make cheese hearts for the feet and wings and the prosciutto breast.

Owl Party Food Ideas

Cute Eggs for Kids
Keep a snip of cheese for the beak.

How to Make Egg Birds
Using a sharp knife, make slits for the beak and wings and stick the cheese in.
Use mayonnaise to hold on candy eyes.

Egg Bird
When the chick is formed, place him into the hot bread bowl so the cheese feet melt a bit.
Remove the skewer.

Chicken Eggs

Isn’t he cute?  Add a few apple “fries” around the nest and get ready to crow about your great creation!

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