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Cucumber Sandwiches for Kids

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Although he is getting better about it, my Sam is a picky eater. If something doesn’t look appealing to him or he thinks it has a “weird” texture—forget it. That part of the meal won’t be eaten unless I can explain what looks “different” to him. Now that I know what seems to push his appetite button off, I can usually circumvent his “No thanks, I’m not hungry”. But when he is at school, I hate to think of him not eating his lunch. I’ve been thinking of ideas for back-to-school lunches that Sam will eat that won’t take me an inordinate amount of time to make.

Cucumber Sandwiches for Kids

There are a lot of fun food ideas with shaped fruits and vegetables. And yeah, at times I make some of that, but real life has to happen and there just isn’t time to make a major artistic statement every day. I’m thinking an easy-to-do alternative to get Sam interested in his lunchbox content is sandwiches with cookie cutter shapes. We experimented with this idea for a playdate this week. Of course the way my mind works, I’m thinking this would work great for a party, too.

Nature's Own Bread

I made cucumber sandwiches for the kids, using Nature’s Own Bread. I like that this brand has no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors and it contains no fructose corn syrup. Another plus is Nature’s Own offers Honey Wheat, Butterbread and 100% Whole Wheat varieties so lunchtime sandwiches aren’t always the “same old”. {Visit them on Pinterest for more great ideas!}

Nature's Own Butter Bread

Cucumber for Sandwich

Cucumber Cutouts

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I used a small, cute cookie cutter to cut out the cucumber shape. You do the same thing for the top piece of bread and then insert the cucumber in the holes…kind of like putting an easy puzzle together. Then, put mayo or your favorite spread over a second piece of bread. We love poppyseed dressing on our sandwiches. Top the bread piece with the cucumber slices with the dressing slathered bread. A spatula makes it easy to pick up the bread and flip it over. The kids thought the sandwiches were pretty cool.

Contest Time!

How to Enter

  1. Visit and  submit a photo or video of your favorite sandwich creation using Nature’s Own bread, and submit the entry, as directed, between 12:00 AM ET on 8/17/15 and 11:59 PM ET on 09/15/15.
  2. Any entries submitted after September 15th, at 11:59 PM ET will be ineligible.
  3. Entrants can either submit a link of their video or photo from Vine, Instagram, or YouTube, or can upload their own photo as directed on the sweepstakes form.
  4. A photo submission counts as one (1) entry.
  5. A video submission counts as five (5) entries.
  6. Only one submission per person per sweepstakes.


Four (4) grand prize winners will each receive a $250 grocery store gift card

Your turn: what cutout shape would your kids love to see?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Nature’s Own. The opinions and text are all mine.

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