Cottage Cheese and Spinach Smoothie that Tastes Good (No, really) + Giveaway

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Over the past few months, I have watched Mike train for marathons. His dedication is amazing! He’s changed the way he eats to support his training, but in a way that is sustainable. I am especially impressed over the holiday season how much self control he displayed. With a plethora of excuses about being too busy, I didn’t follow his lead last year. But I am resolved to make those changes in 2014. And have it not go the way of resolutions many other years. When your “baby” is 4 and a half, it’s pretty hard to say that you’re carrying baby weight. 🙂  With this mindset, I’ve begun making some small changes to my diet to incorporate some successful strategies I had when I was at my healthiest. One has been bringing smoothies back as a breakfast option. I love to experiment and have been working on a spinach and cottage cheese version that actually tastes good. Promise.

Spinach and Cottage Cheese Smoothie

I love the health benefits of Gay Lea cottage cheeseAnd, since Sam is a picky eater, it’s a food that is super easy to hide in pancakes and packs a whopping 16g of protein per half cup. But I will admit, I am not a huge fan of eating it alone. Yet in a smoothie – it’s just about perfect. Lots and lots of protein and it adds even more creaminess than other options like yogurt. 

So when I say spinach and cottage cheese, it’s really starting to sound like a lasagne recipe, right? How do they work in a smoothie? My favorite way to add them to a peanut butter and banana smoothie!

I start with a base of about 3-4 cups of spinach. I like to pack the blender with as such spinach that will fit. That way, if I am not getting a salad that day because I am so busy or on the road, I have already drank one. I then add two bananas (I’ve tried adding just one but I swear I can still taste the spinach), 1 heaping tablespoon of peanut butter, 1/2-1 cup of cottage cheese (depending on how many calories you want the smoothie to be) and 1 cup of ice.

If you have made smoothies before you know you need a liquid. If you can spare the calories, sweetened coconut milk is awesome in this version. It cuts through the spinach and adds a wonderful flavor. I love it in all my smoothies. If you’re really watching calories, you may want to use water and just reduce the amount of spinach until you get used to the taste.

Spinach and Cottage Cheese Smoothie

You can enter to win a Breville Die-Cast Hemisphere Blender valued at $329. It would be the perfect way to make smoothies with Gay Lea cottage cheese! You’ll also be entered to win a year of Nordica Cottage Cheese for free. Just use the form below. Please remember that you must be a resident of Canada {not eligible in Quebec} and can only win on one blog. Winner{s} can expect their prize in approximately 4 to 6 weeks. Good Luck!

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