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Christmas Cookie Party Ideas #HolidayBaking

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With the Christmas season upon us, I am busy with baking and party preparation. I love entertaining during the holidays. One of my favorite things to do is host a cookie party. It’s a great reason for me to do some baking and get out festive decorations. It’s also the perfect excuse to get together with friends and catch up!

Christmas Cookie Party Ideas #HolidayBaking

Last week, while shopping at Target I was intrigued by an aisle end cap filled with delicious looking M & M treats. The festive white, red, green, blue, orange and purple packaging caught my eye and I had to stop and see what flavors they were. I was excited to find White Chocolate Peppermint flavored candy. While continuing to shop, I found Glad Holiday Storage packaging which includes delectable recipe ideas plus the ability to easily store any leftover creations. {Those don’t always exist in my house!} These amazing items are available at Target during the holiday season.

Target In Store M & M

Glad Holiday Edition Containers

M & M White Peppermint

Over the weekend, I created Black & White Peppermint M & M Cookies. Not only were they incredibly delicious, they looked amazing too. They were the perfect treat to enjoy along with some Egg Nog and a chat with friends.

Christmas Party

Girls Night In Cookie Party Ideas

Egg Nog

Christmas Party Idea

For our gathering, I staged our kitchen bar as a winter wonderland. I lined the countertop with a festive, red wrapping paper. I used pinecones and gold ornaments to add pops of texture and color. A simple, white, fabric tree adds some height.

Black & White Cookie Recipe

Black & White Cookie Recipe

M & M Peppermint

Black & White Cookie Recipe

Black & White Cookie Recipe

I provided two chocolate drizzles as well several bowls of M & Ms for my guests to add. Upon their arrival, we gathered in the kitchen and I drizzled the cookies and we all added some M & Ms. Next up: it was time to gossip and enjoy them!

Cookie Baking Party

Christmas Cookie Party Packaging

Christmas Cookie Exchange Packaging

When our evening together was over, clean up was easy. We divided up the remaining M & M peppermint cookies into our holiday themed Glad dishes. I also laid out balls of twines to tie around the Glad containers. I found awesome gift tags that say “merry” and “bright” in gold letters that were the perfect final pop on the packages.

Cookie Exchange Packaging

I am looking forward to my next baking project — and the easy storage Glad provides — this holiday season!

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