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Chocolate Rice Krispie Graduation Cap

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Picture a table spread with lots of food and since it’s the season of graduation parties, let’s imagine this is at an open house. Looks good, huh? But now imagine the addition of a special dessert on a pedestal maybe something like this chocolate grad cap. Looks even better! Party food that is tied into your theme is a great idea. It really ramps up the festive vibe.

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Rice Krispie Graduation Cap from Hungry Happenings

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If you are still looking for a graduation party dessert that looks good, tastes good AND is easy to make, here you go! Beth, from Hungry Happenings, has developed a how-to for this marvelous chocolate graduation cap. Who knew a couple of types of chocolates, Cocoa Krispies and marshmallows would morph into such a visual and gastronomical delight?! Beth says it is easy to cut and if chocolate is your thing, you’ll love the taste. Visit her blog for the precise directions and ingredients. While you’re there you might want to check out her flourless chocolate cake graduation cap, pretzel pop grads and fruit leather books, too.

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