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5 Candy Apple Recipe Ideas

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Is there a food more indicative of Halloween than candy apples?

As a kid, I remember how we knew every single house in our neighborhood that gave them out and made sure to hit them up. In fact, we specifically designed our route to make sure we got to Mrs. Lockyer’s house in time to get one of her caramel apples. It was such a special treat that we NEVER had any other time of year but Halloween. Can kids even receive candy apples anymore? It seems like it would now be a safety issue. I know I would be hard pressed to let my son eat one after Trick or Treating unless it was from one of three houses in our neighborhood. But these modern day concerns don’t mean they have to miss out on such a great tradition. This is a treat that – while messy – is easy to make at home. We have 5 great recipes for candy apples in this post – they include a cinnamon candy apple recipe, a salted caramel apple recipe (mmmm), caramel apples with Reese Pieces and a good old fashioned candy apple recipe. Enjoy!

5 Delicious Candy Apple Recipes for Halloween

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1. Cinnamon Candied Apple Recipe from Practically Functional: Using cinnamon to give candy apples a bit of kick? Genius, right?

2. Caramel Apple with Reese Pieces Recipe from Pink When: Granny Smith apples, caramel and peanut butter make these gems just about perfect.

5 Delicious Candy and Caramel Apple Recipes for Halloween

3. Outrageous Candy Apples from Call Me PMc: Layers of caramel, milk chocolate, white chocolate and candy make these candy apples big enough to share. Promise.

4. Salted Caramel Apples from Stock Piling Moms: Salted caramel is one of my favorite flavor combinations but I have never tried it as a caramel apple. I’m going to rectify this fact this Halloween.

5 Homemade Candy Apple Recipes

5. Old Fashioned Candy Apples from Cincyshopper: If you’re looking for the homemade candy apples you remember as a child, this recipe will fit the bill.

And for bonus points, check out this Caramel Apple Cupcakes recipe from Glued to My Crafts. I love how she incorporated the sticks to bring the aesthetic of the candy apples into the cupcake.

Love to bake? Here are some great Halloween themed supplies!

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Are you making candy apples with your children this Halloween?

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