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25 Bento Lunchbox Ideas for Back to School

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This back-to-school season, bento lunchbox ideas are on-trend!  We’ve rounded up some amazing ideas, including a dinosaur bento box, an Angry Birds bento box, Monsters University and Toy Story bento boxes, a Veggie Tales bento box and there’s even a pizza theme. I think my favorite is the Rocket Launch bento box (can you guess why?!) but I also love the holiday themes and the ones with messages: You are my Sunshine and You’re a Rock Star. Oh! — and what boy wouldn’t love the Batman bento box? Hmm, guess I’m liking them all!

Bento Lunchbox Ideas for Back to School

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I’m thinking the bento box idea would also be a terrific way to serve lunch at a boy’s birthday party and it could be part of the take-home favor. Who said I have parties on the brain?!

Bento boxes are a super way to encourage kids to eat healthy food choices and it’s another way to let them know you think they’re special. Even if you don’t have time to go all out with themed ideas everyday, the bento box compartments can hold a lot of the food options you want your kids to indulge in.

Peruse our list for lunch time inspiration and great supplies to make lunch packing easier!

Boy's Animal Bento Lunchbox Ideas

1. Animal Bento Lunchbox

From Smashed Peas and Carrots

This healthy lunch is fun with it’s different shapes and snacks inside. This one would be super simple to put together the night before that way it’s all ready to go in the morning. Cut out your kids’ favorite shapes with cookie cutters for a fun surprise!

Boy's Nibble Tray Bento Lunchbox Ideas

2. Nibble Tray

From Another Lunch

This adorable lunch is as easy as finding a cute container and putting all of your kids’ favorite snacks inside. This nibble tray is full of healthy and filling food, perfect for a quick and easy school lunch. I doubt there will be any leftovers from this!

You Are my Sunshine Bento

3. You Are My Sunshine Bento Box

From Bent On Better Lunches

This fun lunch will not only taste good, but will let your kids know just how much you care about them! The shapes on this would be really easy to make with some small cookie cutters. Include some bright yellows and oranges in the lunch to go along with the sunshine theme. A super easy and feel good lunch!

4. Ghost in a Pumpkin Patch

From Beneficial Bento

If you or your kids need a quick afternoon snack on-the-go, this would be perfect! Use a small orange to create the perfect pumpkin surrounded by your favorite fruits. This is a portable and healthy lunch that’s fun too!

Boy's Pita Pizzable Lunchbox Ideas

5. Pita Pizzable Lunchable

From Biting the Hand That Feeds You

Instead of spending money on the Lunchables at the store, try making your own version instead. You’ll get a much healthier and better tasting lunch. Cut some pepperonis or vegetables into fun shapes that your kids will love. You definitely won’t find those extra touches from a store-bought lunch!

Boy's Bunny Food Bento Lunchbox Ideas

6. Bunny Food Lunchbox

From Glory’s Mischief

What’s not to love about this adorable bunny-themed lunch? These tiny sandwiches are almost too cute to eat! (Keyword is almost!) Instead of regular Goldfish, try the bunny shaped cheese crackers to complete the theme.

Boy's Lots of Stars Bento Lunchbox Ideas

7. Lots of Stars Bento Lunch

From Wendolonia

Show your kids that they’re the stars in your life by making them this extra special lunch! With stars made out of cheese and naan, this easy lunch is fun and can be put together in no time. You could even cut the lunch meat into stars to create little sandwiches.

Boy's Veggietales Bento Lunchbox Ideas

8. VeggieTales Bento

From BentoLunch.net

Though this super fun VeggieTales lunch may seem daunting at first, it’s really not. The characters are simply made out of cheese and placed on some bread to create a cheese sandwich. Pair the sandwich with some other healthy treats and this lunch will be set for school!

Boy's Rocket Launch Bento Lunchbox Ideas

9. Rocket Launch Bento Box

From This Lunch Rox

What boy wouldn’t love to open their lunch box to a fun space themed lunch? This bento box has it all from a rocket shaped sandwich to vegetable stars. The fruit on the back of the rocket skewer is also an adorable touch!

Boy's Angry Birds King Pig Bento Lunchbox Ideas

10. King Pig Sandwich

From Hawai’i’s Bento Box Cookbook via HuffPost

Recreate this tasty and fun sandwich in a few simple steps for a fun Angry Birds themed lunch. When your child opens their lunch to find the King Pig staring back at them, they’ll be sure to love it! A few extra minutes of prep will brighten your child’s school day.

11. Quick and Easy Puzzle Pieces

From Tastefully Simple

For a fun treat during lunch time, create sandwich puzzle pieces. They’ll have a fun time not only enjoying their lunch, but seeing if they can put their sandwich back together. Who said you shouldn’t play with your food?

Easter Bunny Bento

12. Easter Lunch for Kids

From Kitchen Fun with my 3 Sons

Celebrate Easter or even the long-awaited arrival of spring with this creative lunch. Create bunnies from eggs and a bunny butt sandwich for an adorable spring treat. These are simple and wouldn’t take much time at all to put together the night before.

Outerspace Bento Box

13. Over the Moon Astronaut

From Bento Monsters

Once your kids get their lunch, they’re sure to think that it’s out of this world! Recreate your very own moon landing scene with a few simple ingredients. No complicated shapes or cutting is needed to make this fun and exciting lunch.

Boy's Dinosaur Bento Lunchbox Ideas

14. Dinosaurs Bento Lunch Box

From Wendolonia

Follow this fun and easy video tutorial to create these edible dinos. The dinosaur egg is a fun addition in the lunch as well! Add in some leafy greens or some sweet fruits for a well-rounded and healthy lunch.

Boy's Club Penguin Bento Lunchbox Ideas

15. Club Penguin Lunch

From Disney Family

These penguins are sure to please! Create these cute sandwiches to adorn your kids’ lunch boxes this school year. Add in some fish shaped crackers to add to the penguin theme!

Boy's ABC Bento Lunchbox Ideas

16. The ABCs Lunchbox Idea

From hellobee

This bento box includes some fun crackers that kids will enjoy finding in their lunch. Not only are these lunches creative and healthy, but they’re beautifully created as well. Look through the list to find lots of inspiration for you or your family’s future lunches on the go.

Boy's Monsters University Bento Lunchbox Ideas

17. Monsters University Lunch

From Disney Family

These monsters are the opposite of scary! With some fruits and veggies, this bento box can be made in a snap. These friendly monsters will be gobbled up in no time.

Boy's Back to School Bento Lunchbox Ideas

18. Back to School Lunch

From Living Locurto

Make the first day of school a little more fun by adding this into your child’s backpack. By using ingredients you probably already have in your pantry, you’ll be able to create this edible notebook and pencil easily. This bento box is definitely an A+ for me!

Boy's Robin from Batman Bento Lunchbox Ideas

19. Robin and Batman Lunch

From Bentoriffic

If superheroes are all the rage in your home, this will be sure to please the superhero-loving kid in your life. Though this may take some time, the end result will be worth it. This creation will definitely be the coolest lunch in the cafeteria this school year.

Boy's Batman Bento Lunchbox Ideas

20. Batman Bento Box

From Bentoriffic

You can’t do Robin without Batman! This lunch is a little simpler to put together and involves a few less ingredients. Though, it still brings the wow factor!

Boy's Spidey Bento Lunchbox Ideas

21. Spidey Lunch

From Bentoriffic

Recreate this amazing Spiderman-themed lunch! Include web designs and the eyes featured on Spiderman’s suit. Incorporate some red fruits and vegetables to go along with the theme for extra fun.

Boy's Angry Birds Bento Lunchbox Ideas

22. Angry Birds Bento Box

From Following In My Shoes

This bento box is perfect for video game lovers, especially those that love Angry Birds! Recreate the different birds and villain pigs using a variety of vegetables, eggs, and cheeses. These characters will look like they’re ready to pop right out of the lunchbox. How fun!

Boy's Toy Story Alien Bento Lunchbox Ideas

23. Toy Story Alien Lunch

From Disney Family

Create those little lovable aliens from the Toy Story movies in just a few steps! What a fun lunch! Cut out some small stars from your favorite fruits or vegetables for an additional treat in your lunch.

Boy's Dolphins Bento Lunchbox Ideas

24. Dolphins

From Lisa Storms

Put your favorite animal into your lunch with little to no effort. Cookie cutters are a great way to get fun sandwich shapes into your bento boxes. For this one include some fish crackers to give the dolphins some friends. The boat resting on the blue jello sea is also a great touch!

25. Lions and Tigers and Bears

From Another Lunch

Oh my, this lunch has it all! Cut out the bears from cheese, or you could just include some bear-shaped graham crackers. The lion and tiger skewers are a fun little addition as well!

Check out these awesome bento lunchbox supplies gathered by the crew at Spaceships and Laser Beams

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Get ready for back to school with these great ideas.

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