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12 Amazing Homemade Cookie Recipes

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Looking for good (and easy) cookie recipes for your next party?

I love serving cookies on my dessert table at parties. Nothing looks sweeter than a plate piled high with ooey gooey cookies. Although I believe you can’t go wrong with classic chocolate chip cookies for kid’s parties, sometimes I do like to mix up my selection. (My cowboys and cookies dessert table is a prime example.) Here are some of the best cookie recipes from some of my favorite bloggers – including recipes for chai meringues, snickerdoodles, citrus doodles (did you know there was such a cookie?), fluffy sugar cookies, peppermint hot chocolate cookies, caramel oatmeal cookies, oatmeal scotchies, apple peanut butter cookies, strawberry cake mix cookies and more! Check all 12 of them out and tell me what you think!

Best Homemade Cookie Recipes

1. Toffee Chocolate Chunk Cookies from A Little CLAIREification: These are delicious. You can also double the batch and freeze them easily so that they make the perfect cookie for serving at a party.

Best Snickerdoodle Recipe

2. Snickerdoodle Recipe from Occasionally Crafty: Over the years she has perfected her recipe to create yummy, soft cookies covered with just the right amount of cinnamon and sugar.

3. Glazed Citrus Doodle Cookies from Wonky Wonderful: She says these are the citrus cookie love child of a snickerdoodle and a sugar cookie. LOL Love it.

Here’s some cool party food ideas:

4. Soft and Fluffy Sugar Cookie Recipe from Modern Mommyhood: Sometimes sugar cookies can come out a bit hard, not these!

5. Tasty Caramel Drizzled Oatmeal Cookies  from crazylou: Serious flavor combination. Seriously good tasting.

6. Apple Peanut Butter Cookie from Julie’s Eats & Treats: This is a great option if you’re looking for a simple cookie that is not a chocolate chip.

Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

7. Deluxe Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe from My Best Laid Plans: If you are looking for a chocolate chip cookie recipe, this is the one you want to try!!!

8. Oatmeal Scotchies from Avery Cooks: Butterscotch chips. Mmmmm.

9. Cranberry Sweet Potato Cookies from Vegan Mother Hubbard: I have a very picky eater in Sam. I am going to try making these immediately but with chocolate chips. She says they don’t taste like sweet potato at all!

Best Chai Recipe

10. Chai Spiced Meringues from Premeditated Leftovers: I make meringues all the time for dessert tables because they’re so easy, delicious and look good. I’ve never thought of adding chai!!!

11. Strawberry Cake Mix Cookie Recipes from Coupon Closet: I love a good cake mix recipe when I’m in a pinch. The pink cookies that result from this one are beautiful.

12. Peppermint Hot Chocolate Cookies from Mom Endeavors: I started drooling as soon as I read the name. These are three of my favorite things: mint, hot chocolate and cookies.

Want to bake perfect cookies? Here are some of my favorite supplies:

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What’s your favorite cookie recipe?

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