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25 Valentine’s Treats You Will Love

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Who needs to go shopping for a Valentine when you can create the most wonderful Valentine treats right in your own kitchen?! Maybe the kids will want to help make them; for sure they’ll want to help taste them. Whether you’re having a Valentine party or you’re just looking for ideas to share the love, you’ll find cookies, cakes, cupcakes and more right here.

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  1. From Sweet Bellaroos: Heart Shaped Cherry Pies — Two ingredients, heart shaped and red?  Yes!
  2. From The Cottage Market: Double Dipped Cherries – Cherries are wonderful by themselves but they are really something sweet when dressed in chocolate and sprinkles.
  3. From BruCrew Life: Cherry Banana Smoothie – It’s pink, it’s easy, and it’s good for you, too.
  4. From Healthy Smoothie Recipes: Frozen Berry Smoothie – With cranberries, strawberries and cherries, you know this drink will be red…and yummy!  This site also has other red smoothie recipes to tempt and treat you.
  5. From Kleinworth & Co.: Red Velvet Biscotti – Red velvet especially seems like a Valentine treat but I’d eat these any day.
  6. From One Little Project: Chocolate Covered Strawberry Hearts – Depending on which way you decide to go, this is either a two or three ingredient confection. Takes a bit of patience…but so does love!
  7. From Kitch Me: Red Candied Apples – Remember these from summertime fairs? Why wait? They’re fruit. They’re red. It’s Valentine’s Day.
  8. From Shugary Sweets: Fruit Cookie Pizza – Use pre-made cookie dough for a quick version of this tempter. Almost any fruit topping tastes delicious but choose red for your Valentine.
  9. From Give Recipe: Red Velvet Cupcakes – Who doesn’t like a personal cupcake? Make this recipe in less than an hour, but they look professionally made.
  10. From Glorious Treats: Sweetheart Cupcakes – These darling cupcakes with cherry frosting hearts are much easier to make than you might guess from looking at the picture.
  11. From Katherine Martinelli: Fruit and Nut Chocolate Bark – (Almost) no guilt in this one—hey, with fruit, nuts AND dark chocolate—you could call it health food.
  12. From Kraft: Cupids Cups – Jello, Cool Whip and chocolate combine in this perennial favorite that is so easy.
  13. From Raining Hot Coupons: Strawberry Cheesecake Muffins – What a combo!
  14. From Kitchen Counter Chronicles: Valentine Cake without Artificial Coloring – If you are one of the families avoiding artificial dyes, here’s a great option. Don’t be scared off by the word “beets”; you don’t taste them.
  15. From Cooking Classy: Linzer Cookies – These little heart shaped, jam filled delights are delicious. My son loves to help me cut out the hearts.
  16. From Treats: Blush and Bashful Marshmallows – Want to try your hand at homemade marshmallows? These are in shades of just- right-for-Valentine’s-Day!
  17. From Averie Cooks: Soft M & M Chocolate Chip Cookies – Ohmyword! I want some of these right now. They sound delicious and they look cute with the red and pink M & M’s.
  18. From Shugary Sweets: Cheesecake Pretzel Bites – Sweet and salty; what a combo!
  19. From Glamour: Strawberries in Yogurt – Dip your fruit in yogurt and freeze for a taste treat without guilt.
  20. From Posed Perfection: Nutter Butter Love Bugs – Aww…cute! Just as the name implies, use pre-made Nutter Butter cookies and decorate—easy and fun to do with the kids.
  21. From Confessions of a Cookbook Queen: Cherry Vanilla Tuxedo Cake – If you’re cake-decorating-challenged like I am, you need this recipe. The results look like you knew what you were doing!
  22. From And Everything Sweet via Skip to My Lou: Heart Cake Pop Tutorial –Wow! I’m making these. Who knew it could be so easy?
  23. From Shugary Sweets: Cherry Puppy Chow – You really wouldn’t give this to a dog, it’s too doggone sweet! Bet your kids would love it, though.
  24. From Growing Up Gabel: Chocolate Cream Puff – Cream puffs are not difficult to make and they look so impressive…and taste that way, too.
  25. From Two Loves Studio: Heart Shaped Ice Cubes with Pomegranates – This is a cute and easy way to fancy up your drinks.

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What Valentine treat are you looking forward to serving at your party?

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