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7-Up Cookies

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If you are having a Valentine’s Party at your house, I have a great 7-UP cookie recipe you’ll want to check out. I always think someday I’m going to do a fabulous Valentine Party. There will be sweet invitations—that boys will like. Of course an awesome dessert table filled with heart shaped cupcakes (and 7-UP cookies!) and all sorts of fun treats is a must. All sorts of red and white decorations with hardly anything lace (because of the boys) and exciting take-home favors always show up in my imagination. The entire room has hearts hanging from the ceiling. I even get Sam to wear a red bow tie and a smile at the same time. In my imagination.

However, someday is not this year. This year I plan to do something sweetheart-y (is that even a word?) for breakfast. Maybe heart shaped pancakes with strawberries. Or raspberries. It’s kind of a challenge to get super creative early in the morning. There will be a superhero figure holding a heart in the middle of the table—nothing too mushy for Sam.

I’ll write funny Valentine cards for Mike and Sam and stick them in their lunches, along with a special little treat. Maybe something like these 7-Up Cookies. They are so simple to make, it is almost embarrassing. I mean, somehow it seems like a treat that takes a long time speaks of great love…but who has time for complicated treats? Better to make something simple that tastes yummy and save the extra time for speaking long love sonnets. Or preferably, great jokes!


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Violins and roses may be optional, but chocolate is a must! Here’s the uncomplicated recipe for 7-UP Cookies:


  • 1 box of your favorite chocolate cake mix
  • Mixed with ½ cup + 1 tablespoon of 7-UP


cake-mix-cookies box-cake-mix-cookies

1. Rolled in powdered sugar

2. Bake at 350 degrees for 16-18 minutes


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What is your favorite sweet treat to bake for Valentine’s Day?



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