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3 Ways to Make Sandwiches More Interesting

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This week, after school, Sam and I headed to Target to pick up some more school supplies. Plus, I noticed in their Weekly Wow circular that now through Sunday, September 20th, I can buy any five Kraft cheese products for $10. Sam can be picky about some foods, but cheese is something he loves.  Now that he’s back to school, I’ve been trying to make his lunches more interesting. Here are three ideas he’s loving this year!

Creative School Lunch Ideas

While shopping, I picked up four Kraft cheeses. I chose Big Slices in Colby Jack and Sharp Cheddar, Big Twists with Mozzarella and Cheddar plus Thin Sliced Swiss. Sam was excited to see what we were going to create when we got home. I love having him help in the kitchen — we have a great time working together. I’ve also learned he’s more apt to enjoy his lunch whenever he helps create it.

Kraft Cheeses at Target

1. Make a Sandwich Kabob

Cute Lunchbox Sandwich

Using a flower shaped cookie cutter and bamboo skewers, I created this cute sandwich kabob. I made a sandwich by stacking three slices of cheese in between two slices of bread and then cutting out flower shapes. I carefully poked the skewer through the middle. Voila! A lunch that Sam loves. It’s perfect with some fruit or veggies as well.

3 Cheese Sandwich on a Stick

2. Chushi: a Cheese “Sushi” Sandwich

Cheese Sushi Sandwich

First, I used a rolling pin to flatten a slice of bread. Next, I took a Kraft Twisters Cheese Stick and rolled it in the bread.

Kraft Twisters

Finally, I chopped it into “sushi” sized pieces for serving. Sam enjoyed this lunch with some sliced strawberries and peanut butter covered celery sticks.

Cute Lunchbox Ideas

3. Make a Puzzle Sandwich

Make a Puzzle Sandwich

Using different cookie cutters, I created Sam a puzzle sandwich. This idea is so simple and versatile since you could do it with any sandwich or cookie cutters. I especially love doing it with his cheese sandwiches however as they don’t get messy when he takes them apart.

Kraft Swiss Cheese Slices

Unique Sandwich Ideas for Kids

Sam loved these cheese sandwiches, made with Kraft products. Be sure to pick up your favorite flavors this week at Target!

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