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3 Fun Drink Ideas for Kids #TruMoo

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Baby, it’s cold outside…

But that doesn’t keep a five-year-old from wanting to play in the snow!  When the weather isn’t too bitter I let Sam head outside; he hardly seems to notice the cold when snowmen, snowballs and snow forts are on the agenda.  Once he is inside the first thing he wants is a cup of hot chocolate. I’m happy to oblige.  TruMoo makes it easy on a mom this time of year. They have their Limited Edition Chocolate Marshmallow milk available now. We like it hot and cold—it’s really a taste treat! I also appreciate that TruMoo is made with low-fat milk and there are no artificial growth hormones or high fructose corn syrup. That’s really important to me; have you noticed how many animal products do include growth hormones these days? Ugh.

Drink Ideas for Kids #TruMoo

A guy can’t stay out in the cold all day so Sam and I have been having some cozy together time in the kitchen. We love playing with our food! By adding a few extra marshmallows and melted chocolates to our TruMoo, we’ve come up with three fun drink ideas: Monsters, Eyeballs (it’s a guy thing!) and Teddy Bears. We melt chocolate chips and use toothpicks to draw features on marshmallows. For the Teddy ears, after I cut the marshmallows in half, we put a drip of water on the cut edge and they stick to the cup. If you want to use the Teddy for a kids’ party drink idea, a dab of frosting would last longer, but Teddy disappears pretty quickly in our house!

TruMoo Chocolate Marshamallow

Kid's Monster Themed Party Drink Idea

Monster Hot Chocolate Party Drink Idea for Kids

Teddy Bear Kid's Party Drink Ideas

Healthy Party Drink for Kids

Sam has a great imagination and is often content to play on his own but Mike and I also take turns playing games with him plus I read to Sam every day. I’ve read that watching movies is a favorite indoor winter activity in America, followed by reading books and playing games and I would think that is true here in Canada, too. The top outdoor activity is building a snowman, followed by snowball fights and sledding. Almost 70 percent of Americans agree that hot chocolate is the drink that reminds them most of their childhood. When I was a kid, I remember enjoying hot cocoa and grilled cheese sandwiches after playing in the snow and I always read a lot, too, so I guess we’re pretty typical.

TruMoo Chocolate Marshmallow Milk

TruMoo Limited Edition Chocolate Marshmallow milk is only available through February so remember to check the dairy case at your next grocery run and you’ll be ready to make some memories—with or without the snowman!

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