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23 Dessert Bars You’ll Love

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Looking for a unique dessert idea for your next holiday party? We’ve got you covered! Dessert bars are kitchen time-savers and easy to serve on a party buffet.

This round-up includes 25 dessert bars you’ll LOVE: Snickerdoodle Blondie Bars, Delicious Chocolate Cookie Bars, Caramel Brownie Cookie Bars, Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Pie Bars, Santa Hat Peppermint Cheesecake Bars, and Candy Bar Shortbread Bars.

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1. Cranberry Orange Holiday Bars

From A Healthy Life for Me

Finally there’s a gluten free dessert bar that boasts a gooey, sweet-tart flavor that your family is sure to fall in love with over and over again. Cranberry orange holiday bars only take 10 minutes to prep and another 25 minutes of bake time. The recipe calls for gluten free flour and oats!


2. Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

Pumpkin desserts are so yummy year round, but these pumpkin cheesecake bars with pecan praline topping are especially great during the fall months! In fact, this recipe is a great one for fall and Thanksgiving parties since desserts that can be cut into small hand-held portions are easy to serve! The combination of crust, cheesecake filling and pecan praline topping is heavenly!

snickerdoodle blondies bar

3. Snickerdoodle Blondie Bars

From Baked by Rachel

You can officially stop looking for the perfect recipe for snickerdoodle blondie bars! This is it! This recipe combines the goodness of a soft and chewy snickerdoodle cookie with the classic yumminess of a blondie bar to form one delicious seasonable dessert! The cinnamon-sugar snickerdoodle topping on this one is to die for! You’ll love that the total prep and cook time is only 35 minutes!


4. Cake Batter Blondies

From Like Mother, Like Daughter

So simple to make, these cake batter blondies use a cake mix for the base mixed with an egg, oil, and some milk plus sprinkles, milk and white chocolate chips. The cake batter flavor is a definite winner, and makes these cookie bars perfect for a birthday treat, neighbor gift, or dessert bar offering. The prep time is only 5 minutes, which means after bake time, you have a treat ready to go in less than 30 minutes!


5. Delicious Chocolate Cookie Bars

From Smart Party Planning

Get ready for a chocolate explosion! This recipe for delicious chocolate cookie bars features Oreos, M&Ms, chocolate chips and Rolos, but you could throw in a variety of chocolate cookies and candy to whip up a similar chocolate cookie bar using leftovers. Five ingredients make up the basic batter recipe (unsalted butter, brown sugar, egg, vanilla, flour) to which the chocolate pieces are added before baking.


6. Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars

From All Things Mama

You can never have too many pumpkin bar recipes, and this one is an easy one to whip up! It features a 2-ingredient graham cracker crust as the base. The filling is a mixture of cream cheese, sugar, eggs, canned pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, and vanilla which can easily be prepped in just a matter of minutes. Be sure to allow plenty of time for baking—50 minutes to or until set. You’ll also need an additional 3 hours of refrigerator time before cutting into bars. Top with whipped cream and a dusting of pumpkin pie spice before serving.


7. Key Lime Pie Popcorn Bars

From Whimsy & Hope

Key lime pie and popcorn may not seem like a likely dessert combination, but this recipe for key lime pie popcorn bars might just change your mind. The recipe ingredients include: popcorn, butter, marshmallows, lime Jell-O, white chocolate, and graham crackers. It’s a dessert bar recipe that kicks up everyday popcorn into something different and fun!


8. Healthy Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars {Gluten Free}

From Food Faith Fitness

If I told you that you could make a batch of healthy pumpkin cheesecake bars that were gluten free, naturally sweetened, only 150 calories, and still creamy, would you want the recipe? Thought so! Here it is! Get ready for a crispy-crunchy crust topped with sweet and spice filled pumpkin cheesecake that you don’t have to feel guilty about!


9. Chocolate Maple Pecan Bars

From Just Us Four

If you’re looking for ways to trim the fat and calories when it comes to dessert baking, check out this lower calorie dessert bar option! Chocolate maple pecan bars use a butter substitute. The crust is made using the butter substitute, powdered sugar, and crushed chocolate cookies. The filling is also made from butter substitute, brown sugar, maple syrup, heavy cream, vanilla extract, mini chocolate chips, and chopped pecans. The results of the crust and filling together? Delicious!


10. Browned Butter Cream Cheese Chocolate Chunk Bars

From All in All

From the browned butter and cream cheese—which add a wonderful flavor—to the chocolate chunks (instead of chocolate chips) which ensure every bite is full of chocolatey goodness, these browned butter cream cheese chocolate chunk bars are just another name for dessert heaven. Serve warm from the oven and we guarantee you’ll wish you had made a double batch.


11. Caramel Brownie Cookie Bars

From Chelsea’s Messy Apron

Have you ever heard of a “brookie”? You know, a brownie-cookie bar? This caramel brownie cookie bar recipe features a chocolate caramel brownie base with a delicious oatmeal cookie bar top. You won’t regret combining cookies and brownies, plus caramel, and chocolate. Promise!


12. Pumpkin Greek Yogurt Cheesecake Bars

From Kristine’s Kitchen

When fall hits, you will want to welcome the season with these pumpkin Greek yogurt cheesecake bars. A brown sugar, graham cracker and pecan crust is the foundation for a light, creamy layer of pumpkin spiced cheesecake! The recipe is quick and easy requiring only 30 minutes of prep time! Now that’s my kind of dessert!

Chocolate Dessert Bar

13. Chocolate Dessert Bar

From Busy Mom’s Helper

Need an amazing holiday dessert that doesn’t have you stuck for hours in the kitchen? This chocolate dessert bar may be the answer! It features red, green and classic semi-sweet holiday morsels swirled in chocolate layers for a hint of holiday festiveness in every bite. This is a huge hit with party guests, and also makes a great edible holiday gift.


14. Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Pie Bars

From Snappy Gourmet

When a decadent dessert is what you’re craving, this recipe for ooey-gooey dark chocolate hazelnut pie bars is a must! A cross between chocolate hazelnut truffles, chocolate hazelnut cookies, and chocolate hazelnut pie, these bars make the perfect Christmas or holiday dessert. Each cookie bar combines the goodness of all 3 desserts into one great bar. You’ll need about an hour and 15 minutes to create this slice of heaven!

Hello Dolly Bar

15. Sunny Hello Dolly Bars

From Farm Fresh Feasts

Also known as six layer bars or magic cookie bars, these sunny hello Dolly bars are made from ingredients you almost certainly have hanging around in your pantry and freezer. It might just be one of the easiest bar recipes you’ll ever make. Here’s what you’ll need to get started: butter, graham crackers, coconut flakes, nuts, sunflower seeds, chocolate chips, and sweetened condensed milk. It’s almost as easy as a dump recipe, except you’ll add the ingredients in a certain order to create the perfect layered bar!

snickerdoodle cookie bar

16. Snickerdoodle Cookie Bars

From Alida’s Kitchen

Take the buttery, cinnamon goodness of a snickerdoodle cookie but transferred to a quick and easy-to-make bar and you’ll get snickerdoodle cookie bars! The beauty of a bar cookie is that you forego the time consuming portioning, scooping, and rolling steps. Just pour the batter into a pan, bake, cut into quick squares, and enjoy!

Pumpkin Bar

17. Pumpkin Bars

From Simply Sated

Pumpkin bars are the quintessential autumn dessert! This recipe is delicious! Just imagine pumpkin-flavored sheet cake infused with cloves, ginger, and cinnamon. To that, add a slathering of cream cheese frosting. If you’re feeling really adventurous, sprinkle a topping of honey roasted pecans (totally optional). You can thank me later.

Peanut Butter Chocolate chip marble bars

18. Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Marble Bars

From All Things Mama

Chocolate chip cookies are a cookie staple that almost everyone loves. But, when you turn them into a cookie bar and add peanut butter chips to the recipe, it’s basically heaven on a plate (unless of course you just eat straight from the pan). Peanut butter and chocolate chip marble bars can be prepped and out of the oven in just over 20 minutes. Twenty two minutes separate you from this heavenly dessert. What are you waiting for?


19. Santa Hat Peppermint Cheesecake Bars

From Simplee Thrifty

What’s not to love about a recipe that is as cute as it is delicious? These Santa hat peppermint cheesecake bars are adorable, and easy and fun to make. The crust is made from Oreos and melted butter. The center is peppermint cheesecake (cream cheese, sugar, peppermint extract, and eggs). The cute little Santa hat topper is an easy addition made from strawberries and whipping cream!

chocolate pepperming bar

20. Chocolate Peppermint Bars

From My Turn for Us

Imagine a dessert bar that features a sugar cookie layer, a chocolate brownie layer, both topped with melted white chocolate and crushed peppermint. Sounds divine, doesn’t it? Wondering what this heavenly dessert is called? Be sure to add chocolate peppermint bars to your must try recipe list this Christmas! These bars are extra delicious, and extra easy to make.

 candy bar shortbread

21. Candy Bar Shortbread Bars

From Love to Be in the Kitchen

If you’re looking for a great dessert bar recipe that uses up leftover holiday chocolate and candy bars, look no more! The bottom layer of these candy bar shortbread bars is shortbread—a simple 5 ingredient recipe! After baking up the shortbread, you spread melted chocolate chips on top and sprinkle the leftover chocolate candy on top and gently press it into the shortbread and chocolate. After cooling, it is ready to be cut into bars and served.

lucky charms blondies

22. Cake Batter Blondies with Lucky Charms

From Mooshu Jenne

These cake batter blondies with Lucky Charms are the perfect St. Patrick’s Day treat! They are versatile and can be made with or without the Lucky Charms on top. You can even substitute other kinds of cereal or even add food coloring into the batter to coordinate with the holiday. The recipe utilizes a boxed yellow cake mix for the base, so you know it’s practically effortless to make! Ten minutes to prep and another 25 minutes to cook! Only 5 ingredients from start to finish means it is quick and simple to make.


23. Strawberry Cheesecake Bars

From Simplee Thrifty

Strawberries, chocolate, and cheesecake combine in this perfect summer dessert! Strawberry cheesecake bars are a delicious choice for summer parties! The crust is made from Oreos and butter! Only 5 ingredients are needed for the filling (cream cheese, white chocolate, sugar, eggs, and vanilla). Once baked, these cheesecake bars are topped with strawberry preserves or jam, a drizzle of melted white chocolate, and a heart shaped candy (optional).

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