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20 Frozen Treat Recipes

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When the days get hot, the treats get cold! We love spending time outside once the weather is nice. This of course means we need plenty of cool treats to help keep us comfortable and full. 😉 Here are some delicious kid-approved recipes for cold treats, from smoothies to popsicles to ice cream, perfect for hot summer days. 

Recipes for Frozen Treats

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20 Frozen Treat Recipes

chocolate strawberry pops

1. From Frugal Living Mom: Chocolate and Candy Dipped Strawberry Pops — this decadent treat will satisfy your chocolate cravings on a hot day!

2. From My Turn for Us: Cinnamon Pecan Ice Cream — Evelyn offers two ways to make this delicious treat, depending on what kitchen gadgets you have.

chocolate mint ice cream

3. From The Kitchen Is My Playground: Chocolate Mint Chip Ice Cream — this recipe doesn’t require a machine to make and only has four ingredients. Let’s make some ice cream!

ice cream cake

4. From A House Full of Sunshine: Easy Celebration Ice Cream — One ice cream cake and five different ways to dress it up—this is the perfect recipe for any summer occasion!

frozen tiramisu pie

5. From The Grant Life: Frozen Tiramisu Pie — It’s cold. It’s sweet. It has coffee in it. Pass me a slice, please!

6. From Frugal Living Mom: Kiwi Raspberry Pops — these healthy fruit pops are the perfect snack for kids on a summer afternoon.

frozen treat recipes

7. From The Kitchen Is My Playground: Creamy Coconut Ice Cream — another easy, three-ingredient recipe that you can make without an ice cream machine!

8. From Confessions of an Overworked Mom: How to Make Frozen Yogurt — a low-fat, homemade alternative to ice cream (requires an ice cream machine)

grape sherbert

9. From Hot Eats and Cool Reads: Grape Sherbet Recipe — this recipe looks absolutely scrumptious (and easy!)

strawberry raspberry parfait pops

10. From Framed Frosting: Honey Raspberry Parfait Pops — full of fruit and dairy, these pops are the perfect way to start a summer day.

Greek Yogurt Pops

11. From I Want Crazy: Greek Yogurt Pops — three ways to make these delicious treats!

pudding pops

12. From I Should Be Mopping the Floor: Coffee House Pudding Pops — a scrumptious recipe for a cold treat both kids and adults will enjoy.

s'mores pudding pops

13. From Architecture of a Mom: S’mores Pudding Pops  — who says you need a campfire to make s’mores? Now you can eat ‘em cold too!

Sunrise Smoothies

14. From Some of This and That: Sunrise Smoothie Recipe — a bright and cheerful smoothie to start a summer day.

Root Beer Float

15. From Eating on a Dime: Root Beer Float Popsicles — enjoy this classic A&W treat with a twist!

Frozen Banana Split Pie

16. From The Kitchen Is My Playground: Frozen 7-Layer Banana Split Pie — Company coming? Make them this cold, decadent pie for dessert!

Strawberry Cheescake Popsicles

17. From Hot Eats and Cool Reads: Strawberry Cheesecake Popsicles — stock up the strawberries when they’re on sale this summer, because this treat is sure to be a hit!

Cherry Granitas

18. From Hot Eats and Cool Reads: Cherry Granitas — a super easy way to enjoy fresh cherries!

chocolate strawberry pops

19. From Architecture of a Mom: White Chocolate and Strawberry Pudding Pops — a perfect cold dessert or afternoon snack

fruit pops

20. From Some of This and That: Triple Berry Fruit and Yogurt Pops — keep the freezer stocked with these sugar-free treats for the kids!

unique frozen treat recipes

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